What can you do in Greece in 3 days?

See 5 alternative ideas to organize the best escape in Greek islands for a three-day getaway! The first three-day weekend of summer have arrived!

Small Cyclades: a paradise in Aegean

Meet the dreamy Little Cyclades! Travel to the exotic beaches of the Aegean with crystal clear waters and small, beautiful villages!

8 Greek beaches with impressive shipwrecks

Visit 8 beaches with shipwrecks that are visible without diving, ideal for the best holiday photos!

Travel to Kythira: 48 hours on the island

Holidays in Kythira have everything: Sights, secluded Kythira beaches even in August, activities in nature, Monasteries to visit.

Best Greek islands for vacations with kids

Sea, sun & family fun on the Greek Islands! Find out 7 islands ideal for vacations with kids!

Greek islands ideal for island hopping

One of the most common options for island hopping in the Cyclades complex are the islands of Andros - Tinos - Syros. If you only have a little time on your hands, go on a bit of island hopping near Athens, around the Saronic Gulf islands.

Must-see villages in Crete

6 villages in Crete reminiscent of Tuscany! This spring, discover the alternative Crete. See landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany and experience the Cretan tradition with its fine cuisine, in full bloom.

Easter in Corfu

Why you should celebrate Easter in Corfu at least once in your life!

No restrictions to travel to Greece

From March 15th, 2022 the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) for all travelers upon entering Greece is abolished.

Covid-19: How to travel in Greece by ferry

Before starting the next trip to an island by ferry you should check the Covid measures and the necessary documents for the boat trip.

Book your vacation early and get into the summer spirit!

Find out 8 reasons to book your vacation early! Note down the sights you do not want to miss, the beaches you want to swim in and the sunsets where you will take your best selfies. Start dreaming today!

Ferry routes from greek islands to Turkey

The ferry connection of the Greek islands with the coasts of Turkey and Izmir restarts after 2 years.