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7 ways to travel to the Greek islands…. from home

Are you staring at your suitcases wondering when is the next time you’re going to use them? Do you miss going places? Do you feel you’ve had enough staying in? We totally get it!

Food-filling getaways in Greece

And now your taste buds are calling for something new. Let’s Ferry can take your appetite to a new level and serve you amazing gastronomic destinations … on a Greek platter.

Historical Syros

Explore one of the most cosmopolitan islands, Syros, Greece.

Two more Gold Awards for Let’s Ferry!

The Gold Awards “Best International Campaign” and “Best Performance in Travel & Tourism” were won by Let’s Ferry campaign on Friday, October 23, 2020, at the awarding of the top “Peak Performance Awards”.

Best October Getaway Trips

We live in a country where everyone dreams to travel, with some of the top global destinations on our feet.

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Getaways to Cyclades

This Spring was one of the hardest we've been through, as travel restrictions have affected the daily lives of all of us. So now, that the travel restrictions towards Greek islands have been lifted, we are ready for our first safe summer getaway.


Crete in Winter

Crete is one of the most popular Summer destinations. However its unique mountains and picturesque villages make it an ideal Winter destination. Whether you are a fan of relaxing walks on stone paved paths and fun filled lunches next to a sizzling fire, or an adrenaline seeker.

The Venice Carnival

Experience the Venice carnival festival in Italy and join the celebrations.

3 awards for Let's Ferry!

The big, annual celebration of Greek e-commerce, e-volution awards has also awarded Best Practices in E-Commerce and Business this year, under the auspices of GR.E.CA.