10 + 1 reasons why traveling by ferry is awesome

Being by the sea is scientifically proven that soothes your senses, that’s why so many people prefer a relaxing trip by boat.

So, you found your next travel destination. Have you considered how will you get there? The best answer is, by far, by boat both for summer and winter holidays. Being by the sea is scientifically proven that soothes your senses, that’s why so many people prefer a relaxing trip by boat. But it’s also the comfort and fun that makes boat trip the most popular way of traveling. If you need more reasons, please read below:

Ferry in the port during the disembarkation
1) You can take your own vehicle (car, motorbike, even a bike). Renting a car is sometimes difficult, especially if you are travelling during high season. Furthermore, the tolls and gas cost a lot of money, while driving long distances can damage your car. Have you booked ferry tickets to Hydra or Spetses? Remember that cars are forbidden in these islands which means you will breathe fresh air and you will avoid traffic noise pollution.

2) You have a pet. If you choose to travel by plane with your pet, it will be sometimes an unpleasant experience for both of you, as it will be caged in an area alone and you won’t be able to be together. In fact, some companies have complicated restrictions about traveling with animals. On a boat, however, you will just follow the rules (e.g. carry a crate) and have your fury friend with you for free.

A small dog in the port of Aegina
3) You want to relax while traveling so that when you arrive at your favorite destination you will feel refreshed! Book a whole cabin for yourself or your family with ferry tickets to Crete, Mytilene or Rhodes and turn a long-hour trip to a relaxing experience. Watch a movie, do some work if necessary, and let the waves swing you gently until you fall asleep.

4) You choose safety without delays. When you travel by boat, you minimize the risk of accidents, traffic, fatigue and frustration for both drivers and co-passengers. Stay on the deck if you worry about virus – friendly overcrowded areas. Choose Let’s Ferry so that you know the exact departure and arrival time of your travel and avoid any delays.

5) You have kids. Which mode of transport allows you to stand up from your seat to take a walk and get some fresh air? Where can you lay Lego/ a tablet/ books on the table, play board games, or draw with your favorite wax crayons? Where else can you eat a snack without annoying the person sitting right next to you? Or visit the bathroom as often as you want (aka drink as many juices as you want)? What about visiting gift and toy stores and play with other children while traveling? Trust us, your children will thank you for choosing to travel by boat.

Kids staring the sea from the boat
6) You can take as many luggage as you want. On the plane you are charged for any overweight luggage while in a car there isn't enough space, especially for big families. Now imagine you are moving out to study in an island. You will need as much space as you can get! Book ferry tickets to Rhodes, Samos, Chios, Limnos, Mytilene and Syros and start your student life at the multi–campus University of the Aegean, located in these islands without worrying about packing. You can also take with you that home-made spanakopita (spinach pie) any typical Greek mother would bring at the port as a farewell.

7) You can plan your next vacation. Ports are charming and romantic. They welcome visitors and they give the first impression of the local color. Most probably, you have seen the passengers going out on the deck to take pictures as soon as the boat reaches a port. On the way to Naxos, you may fall in love with the exotic beaches of Iraklia and choose this island for your next trip. Watching a live sample of the islands is so much better than judging from a magazine page.

The Naxos port in a panoramic view
8) It's the easiest way to travel. Choosing the plane or the car to travel takes a lot of stressful preparation. Especially when travelling by plane, you need paperwork, early check in, your luggage must not exceed the weight limit and you have to be at the airport a couple of hours earlier. If you are travelling by car, sometimes it can get too hot or too cold and driving at night or when it snows, can be dangerous for you and your family. It’s so easier to arrive at the port just one hour before, submit the pre-boarding Health Information Form and receive your ferry tickets at the port, that is if you booked them at letsferry.com!

9) Did you know that the sea view reduces stress levels? We are lucky to live in Greece and have within easy reach the most clean and beautiful beaches of the whole world. So when you travel, let’s say to Agistri or Poros with Let's Ferry, a relaxing trip starts as soon as the boat leaves the port behind! Dolphins, all shades of blue, orange-purple-colored sunsets are some of the unforgettable moments that every traveler has experienced on a boat. These kinds of images build your best memories.

The sunrise at Poros port
10) You are suffering from motion sickness. Who would thought! Traveling by boat is much less shaky than when on plane, a car or a bus. You can avoid this unpleasant feeling if you go out on the deck to take some air. You should avoid travelling with a speed boat or a flying dolphin. Always consult the weather forecast to avoid strong winds but if you are an early booker that makes it difficult to predict, try some natural remedies to feel better.

11) You will be able to do around-the-world tours without crossing the borders! How is this possible? A ferry ticket to Ithaki will transport you to an Italian-looking port, the waters in Koufonissia are similar to the waters of Caribbean, the medieval town of Rhodes is twined with Malta, the wild green waterfalls of Samothrace will remind you of Amazon and if you want an outer space experience, travel to the moon-like Sarakiniko beach in Milos. Who says you have to leave Greece to see the world?

The picturesque small port of Ithaki
Travel as far or as close as you want with Let’s Ferry and have fun on the water!