8 Greek beaches with impressive shipwrecks

Visit 8 beaches with shipwrecks that are visible without diving, ideal for the best holiday photos!

There are hundreds of shipwrecks in the Greek seas and they all have stories to tell from the land’s long and fascinating history. Over the years, water and time has turned them into legends. Smugglers, pirates, political games, you can witness it all in the form of these contemporary museums just waiting for you to explore them on the beach.

Yes, on the beach, since you don’t have to dive into the water to see them up-close, as they are resting on sand, in coves and rocks, waiting for you all year round. Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and a good camera, and discover some of the most famous shipwrecks on the Greek islands with cheap ferry tickets through Let’s Ferry.

Amorgos - "Olympia"
The rusty beauty that became world famous through the unforgettable frames of the movie "The Big Blue" (1988). The ship crashed into the rocks during a spell of bad weather, in 1980. It is located at the bottom of Amorgos, in a bay between the beaches of Kalotaritisa and Paradisia. You can reach it by car or by bus, after you cross a small rocky path to the bay.

The beach with shipwreck in Amorgos
The Olympia shipwreck in Amorgos

Zakynthos - "Panagiotis"
This is actually one of the most famous sights of Greece. Navagio beach is always crowded because it is one of the most exotic ones found in Europe, with a dazzling blue color. Apart from the instagrammable beach, it is also famous for the shipwreck that settled here in 1980. Until then, the beach was known as Agios Georgios but now it is called «Navagio», meaning "Shipwreck" and it has become the most famous Ionian beach. The story of the ship and its cargo has become a legend, as it smuggled cigarettes on behalf of the Italian mafia. You can access it by sea from various parts of Zakynthos such as the main port, Laganas and Alykes.

The shipwreck Navagio in Zakynthos
The famous Navagio beach in Zakynthos

Andros - Semiramis
On the beach of Vori, 25 km from the port of Gavrio, you will find the rusty trunk of the ship that found its forever spot here in 1986. It was originally called "Semiramis", after the ownership changed it was named "Elina" but everyone calls it by its initial name, still engraved on its side. Access to the famous beach of Andros is difficult, but not impossible. Once you arrive, you can swim on the sandy beach next to the shipwreck, or snorkell around to explore the seabed a little better.

 Panoramic view of Andros Town
Panoramic view of Andros Town

Gramvousa (Chania) - "Dimitris P"
In 1968, this boat nestled on the islet of Imeri Gramvousa near Chania. Today, half of it is submerged in the water and the rest of it is visible on the surface of the turquoise waters. Imeri and Agria Gramvousa are two islets opposite the exotic lagoon of Balos in Chania. To visit the shipwreck you need to take a boat from Kissamos which is just 20 nautical miles away.

The shipwreck in Gramvousa near Chania
Gramvousa near Chania

Kythira - Nordland
A small boat will take you right next to the wreck of the Russian cargo ship that sank here in 2000, on the islet of Dragonares, outside Diakofti, the port of Kythira. It is visible from the settlement of the island, creating a unique atmosphere of nostalgia. Every year it attracts many divers from all over the world who want to explore its stern, found 30 meters under water.

The Nordland shipwreck in Kythira
The Nordland shipwreck in Kythira

Alonissos - Alonissos
One of the most important shipwrecks of the classical period is located in Peristera, an islet very close to the island of Alonissos. The barge of the same name covered the Sporades’ seabed with over 4000 wine amphorae and although the shipwreck occurred around 425 BC, it was only discovered in 1985 by a fisherman. It belongs to the Alonissos National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades and the NATURA habitat. Peristera is uninhabited, used only by the local shepherds and in Patitiri, the capital of Alonissos you will find boats that will take you there.

Alonissos National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades
Alonissos National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades

Astypalea - Pentoulina
In the second largest settlement of the island, Maltezana, you can visit the shipwreck of an Italian barge from the Second World War. The beach is located in the northwest of the island, 16 km from the port of Astypalea.

Shipwreck in Astypalea
Shipwreck in Astypalea

Milos - Africa
A magical lunar landscape is waiting for you in Sarakiniko, with sea caves completed by the impressive image of the shipwreck laying here. It is a tanker that crashed on the rocks in 2003, broke in half and some of its parts were left on land. It is easily accessible on foot, while the rocks above it bring you much closer to its trunk. It is located 6 km from Adamas, the port of Milos, and you can reach it by car or by bus, right after you pass the white rocks of Sarakiniko.

Sarakiniko beach in Milos
Sarakiniko beach in Milos

The stories that come with Greece’s shipwrecks broaden your horizons and give  you more exciting reasons to travel. Explore some of the most fascinating shipwrecks in Greece that don’t ask of you to go underwater to see them, by easily booking your cheap ferry tickets through Let’s Ferry.