8 reasons to visit Greece in September

Sweet September! Why it’s the best month for a summer vacation!

Come on, we all know September has every right to be considered as a summer month, even if most countries have decided it to be the start of the academic year, when we all go back to work and our typical routine. In fact, this is the little summer in the end of summer that awaits you to live the best vacation of the year. Crowds are gone, the weather is ideal, the sea is warm, services are excellent and prices are just right. You can book tickets for wherever you wish, whenever you make up your mind, even hours before departure! If you need more reasons to go on vacation now just keep reading, get inspired, check the available itineraries and book cheap ferry tickets with Let’s Ferry.

1) Time off work
Most of your colleagues have already taken their leave in July and August, so usually September is almost always free for anyone who wants to take a few days off. Put your name in the office’s September calendar and let everyone else try to kick start all the new projects.

Paxi island with the traditional buildings
2) More accommodation to choose from 
August is the hardest month to find a room in any destination, so most vacationers make sure they have already booked their accommodation by Spring! The crystal green waters of Paxi island and the easy day trip to neighboring Antipaxos make this a very popular destination, however, it does not have plenty rooms to support a big number of guests. September is the best month to visit the island, since most of the rooms are available, plus they have much better prices! Same goes for the Small Cyclades islands such as Iraklia and Donoussa, that are impossible to visit during high season.

Blue, crystal clear waters in Donoussa
3) Best prices
Check any hotel calendar and you will see how much less it costs to stay there in September. A five-day stay during this month can cost the same as two days in August! And of course, this applies even to high profile hotels with luxurious amenities! Why not travel to Patmos now? All the crowds that flock the island for the celebration of the Virgin Mary have gone, leaving behind the island’s beautiful hotels and rooms for much less. Plus now you can visit the very popular Monastery of Saint John without waiting in cues.

The Monastery of Saint John in Patmos
4) Unique customs
In Kos, according to an old tradition of the Byzantine era, the New Year (Indictus) is celebrated on the first day of September. On this New Year's Eve, the locals place the «Archichronia» under the stars: «Archichronia» translates to ‘start of the year’ and it is a mix of fruits such as pomegranate, grapes and watermelon, that has been kept in the house for a whole year. Before the sun rises they throw it into the sea and count until it is covered by 40 waves. To find out more about this custom, all you have to do is book cheap ferry tickets to Kos with Let’s Ferry. You will find similar traditions in Rhodes, where the «Archichronia» consists of straws and wheat and the locals hang it from the central wooden beam that supports the roof of their house.

Beautiful church in Kos island
5) Easy access to famous beaches
Have you visited the famous Navagio bay at Zakynthos in August? This beautiful landmark is almost always crowded. However, the more you wait, the less crowded it gets. In September, it is just perfect! Same thing happens with any popular beach. Plus, the water is much warmer in September! 

The famous beach Navagio
6) Less meltemia winds
In summer, the seasonal winds of the Aegean make choosing a beach for the day a real task. The beautiful beaches of Naxos, like Agia Anna, Apollo, Plaka, and Alyko are frequently hit by the meltemia, especially in August, but when it all calms down in September, their magic is back. Same goes for almost all Cycladic and Dodecanese destinations! 

Crystal watersin the beautiful beach of Naxos
7) Time for action
When you book cheap ferry tickets to Crete online from Let’s Ferry, in addition to your desire for staka, gamopilafo and scaltsounia, you will also satisfy your craving for the natural wonders that the island unveils to its guests. In September, temperatures are ideal for activities such as trekking and climbing. The gorge of Samaria in Chania is one of the most famous hiking spots in Europe. The hot summer months may make the route difficult, while the sweet September climate makes the experience pleasant and easy. Top that off with less people swarming in to visit, and your exploration will become almost private.

The famous gorge of Samaria in Chania
Another reason to find yourself in Crete during sweet September is the feast of the Holy Cross on the mountain of Psiloritis, in Heraklion. On September 14, locals and visitors reach the highest peak of the island, at an altitude of 2456m, to spend the night and celebrate in the church the next morning. The climb takes 4-5 hours and the view is amazing! Psiloritis is where you will also find rare species of flora and fauna and although trekking and climbing is organized here all year round, Spring and Autumn are the best times to come.

Psiloritis is where you will also find rare species of flora
8) Nature at its best
Can you think of any place better to spend the month of grape harvesting, than the island of Samos? Visiting the vineyards and tasting the famous wines of the island is a must. Do not forget to go to the Samian Wine Museum and sample the Muscat variety that has been cultivated on the island for centuries!

Variety of grapes in Samos island
Plus: After your September getaway, you’ll have much more energy to welcome the new season, as the beautiful beach and sunset memories are still fresh, becoming a great driving force of energy. Let’s Ferry takes you to the Greek islands with cheap ferry tickets and offers you the choice to make your reservation online, while you can choose to pick up your tickets at home or at the port.