The Samothrace phenomenon!

“How do I travel to Samothrace?” The same question in every friendly meeting, every summer.

Long weekend ahead? Why not make the most of it! 

Make a list of the following islands, since here you can spend an unforgettable short vacation, that will make three days feel like three weeks!

Τhree cycladic islands ideal for short escapes!

Greek islands are ideal, even for short three-day, breaks.

Legendary vacations in the Greek islands!

Not many countries combine a history of thousands of years with a magnificent scenery.

Faraway destinations worth visiting

Often, faraway and secluded islands have the aura of a “hidden treasure” that makes every hour on the ferry worth traveling.

5 Greek islands to enjoy Greece’s best beers!

Close your eyes and picture yourself reaching for a cold glass of beer to cool off during the hot and sunny summer days!

The cosmopolitan, greek islands of summer!

It all starts with a private jet or a luxury yacht. Then the rumors start spreading: whose is that?

10 islands with endless sandy beaches!

To make it easy on you, we’ve picked 10 islands that are sure to make your next vacation to Greece, beachy, golden and sandy.

Driving on vacations? No, thanks!

Delicious local dishes, salty skin, purple and orange sunsets without noise and air pollution.

Three islands for action lovers

Test your limits by trying the exciting outdoor sports offered on the Greek islands. Push the boundaries, get out there, and make memories that you will cherish forever.

The many Easter traditions of Greece

In Greece, Easter is considered one of the most important holidays and there is a variety of local customs and traditions across different places to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

Ciao, bella Italia!

Numerous archaeological sites, vineyards, volcanoes and golden beaches reignite the COVID-dormant thrill of travelling and are waiting for you to discover them!