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Let's Ferry - Sky Express cooperation for combined transport!

Sky Express and Let's Ferry announce the cooperation agreement in order to achieve the best service for travelers.

Visit the Greek islands and eat like a local!

Six unique gastronomic destinations on the Greek islands!

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The best greek island events of 2021

Music, theater and dance travel around Greece, endowing our favorite destinations with an air of culture.

Greek islands in Hollywood movies

A scene from the James Bond movie in Corfu, or a Santorini scene “Lara Croft” is sure to capture the eyes and hearts of the movie enthusiasts.

Kos, the cycling Island!

Let’s Ferry in collaboration with the cycling magazine mbike, and the Municipality of Kos organised a wonderful four-day trip for cyclists

Βudget friendly islands!

You will have the opportunity to enjoy sunny days at beautiful beaches, significant historical monuments and wild nature without worrying!

Τhe Greek… Maldives!

Sparsely populated exotic islands.

Scuba diving in 7 Greek islands!

The Greek islands are host to a rich and satisfying underwater treasure filled with ancient ruins, caves, vessels, and shipwrecks.