Now is the time to organize a dream vacation!

As the final details of the travel protocols are settled tourism is starting to move again.

Sail safely

Travel to the islands with or without a car, with or without a cabin, is done safely and at the best prices.

Driving on vacations? No, thanks!

Delicious local dishes, salty skin, purple and orange sunsets without noise and air pollution.

Three islands for action lovers

Test your limits by trying the exciting outdoor sports offered on the Greek islands. Push the boundaries, get out there, and make memories that you will cherish forever.

The many Easter traditions of Greece

In Greece, Easter is considered one of the most important holidays and there is a variety of local customs and traditions across different places to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

EXTENSION 24 hours - 48 hours strike

Hellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has called a 48-hour strike on Tuesday 23/02/2021,Wednesday 24/02/2021 and Thursday 25/02/2021 for all ship categories

Ciao, bella Italia!

Numerous archaeological sites, vineyards, volcanoes and golden beaches reignite the COVID-dormant thrill of travelling and are waiting for you to discover them!

20% Early Booking discount on Adriatic routes

Book today your ferry tickets from Italy to Greece with Superfast Ferries and Minoan Lines with 20% discount! Free cancellation until April 30.

Η Let’s Ferry στους κορυφαίους του e-επιχειρείν!

Ένα μήνα μετά τα δύο χρυσά βραβεία “Peak Performance Awards” η Let’s Ferry συνεχίζει ασταμάτητη το ταξίδι της στην πρωτοπορία.

7 ways to travel to the Greek islands…. from home

Are you staring at your suitcases wondering when is the next time you’re going to use them? Do you miss going places? Do you feel you’ve had enough staying in? We totally get it!

Food-filling getaways in Greece

And now your taste buds are calling for something new. Let’s Ferry can take your appetite to a new level and serve you amazing gastronomic destinations … on a Greek platter.

Historical Syros

Explore one of the most cosmopolitan islands, Syros, Greece.