Autumn holidays in greek islands

In Greece, where the sun never hides and high temperatures stay for a long while, getaways and holidays are always extended until late fall.

Autumn is not only about big, wide orange leaves on steep mountains, or the lovely smell of freshly wet ground. In Greece, where the sun never hides and high temperatures stay for a long and beautiful while, getaways and holidays are always extended until late fall.
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Go to an alternative festival in Rhodes
The "European Polyphony" festival, a collaboration between Greece and France that began in 2018, will take place for the third consecutive year in the Old Town of Rhodes, from 22 to 31 October 2021.

The old town in Rhodes
For ten days, the Island of the Knights is transformed into an art and classical music workshop. Concerts, screenings, photo exhibitions and other events become an attraction for tourists from all over the world. The Medieval City of Rhodes has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it offers you the most atmospheric stroll you can take in all of Greece.

Windless Milos
The beaches of the island are one of the main reasons it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Intricately developed and with exotic waters, they make up unique postcard-like images that have travelled all over the world. Diving in the fall is the best, since now the sun is not scorching hot and the water has taken in all the warmth of the summer.

The beautiful beach Firiplaka in Milos
Some of the beaches worth visiting for the swims of the season are Firopotamos, Agia Kyriaki, Achivadolimni and Firiplaka. You may not find them as organized as you would in the summer, but how precious is a deserted beach with staggering waters? In a country where summer is unstoppable, just throw a swimsuit and towel in your suitcase and book cheap ferry tickets to Milos with Let’s Ferry.

Hiking in Serifos
A kind of tourism that flourishes on this island is hiking, with paths that you can easily discover in the maps found in the island’s shops. The route from Chora to the Livadi area offers endless views of the sea and the neighboring islands.

Hiking in the island of Serifos
On the path from Aspros Pyrgos to Koutalas, you will find a different, industrial environment with mines and galleries. Weather permitting, you can relax after your hike with a dip in the beach of Koutalas.

Industrial environment in Serifos island
Autumn is considered ideal for hiking, especially on an island like Serifos that is literally"baked" in the sun during the summer months.

Sailing in Lefkada
Very close to the shores of Acarnania, this Ionian island is endowed with emerald waters that are ideal not only for swimming, but also for engaging in water sports. The autumn winds in Lefkada are calm and sailing is something you can enjoy. Ideal coastal villages for sailing? Nidri, Sivota, Vasiliki and of course the town of Lefkada.

Beach with crystal clear waters in Lefkada island
Porosea in Poros

You can easily and quickly travel to the Saronic Gulf islands at any time you feel like it. Apart from being the ideal destinations for long weekends, due to their proximity to Athens, these islands are also famous for their sporting events.

The port of Poros island
The Municipality of Poros co-organizes Porosea 2021 on October 30-31, 2021, in a two-day sports event where participants can also enjoy the many beauties of the island. In this multi-sport event, there will be road races, triathlon, aquathlon and swimming. Raise your adrenaline and visit an island extremely close to the mainland by booking cheap ferry tickets to Poros online through Let’s Ferry.

Climbing, horseback riding and hiking in Sifnos

This elegant Cycladic island, Sifnos offers many safe climbing routes for athletes at every level. Enjoy 4 fields with 70 routes now that the warm fall days are here, and the adventure is so much more enjoyable! Before you come, make sure you bring your own climbing equipment since there is no school or shop here that can supply you with what you may need.

Horseback riding in Sifnos island
The Sifnian trails have a total length of 200 km and are ideal for horseback riding and walking, for those who are looking for a more relaxing passtime.

Wine tasting in Santorini
If you (both literally and figuratively) sweat among the crowds of Oia and Fira during July and August, it is time to enjoy one of the best islands in Europe, just by yourself. Santorini is full of vineyards; however the hot summer sun makes it difficult to explore them. The fall wine tasting experience includes tours and tastings of famous wines whose quality is famous all over the world.

Wine tasting in Santorini island with the view of Thirassia
Wineries open their doors and welcome visitors who wish to be introduced to new tastes and learn the secrets of an ancient craft. A glass of wine at sunset is idyllic all year round, especially under the colorful autumn sky!

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