Sail safely

Travel to the islands with or without a car, with or without a cabin, is done safely and at the best prices.

May comes with many beautiful gifts. Restrictions are gradually being lifted and everyone's lives will begin to resemble something of the pre-Covid era.

With the last month of spring, comes the time when the outdoor restaurant will reopen and tourism will open. The improved weather with the rich sunshine, will restore small daily moments of enjoyment such as a meal or a coffee. The long duration of the day and the friendly temperatures are the best ally for the catering companies to operate in open spaces, with distances and observing all the necessary sanitary measures. Shops in neighborhoods and beaches will turn on their lights again, open their courtyards and welcome visitors who are looking forward to returning to their favorite hangouts.

At the same time, the vaccination program is progressing dynamically, while the self and rapid tests will create a greater sense of security this summer. Both tourists and employees of hotels, restaurants and cafes will be frequently screened in order to limit dispersion. The official tourist season starts on May 15 with travelers having to demonstrate the necessary tests and having completed the appropriate forms. In the next period there will be more specific announcements that will clarify all the requirements for safe travel and operation of restaurants.

Some Greek islands such as Kastellorizo, Astypalea and Ikaria are already considered "Covid-Free", ie the entire population has been vaccinated, while soon there will be more on the list. In Greece, priority was given to islands with a small population and a small area that does not even need a car. Across the Mediterranean there is a road race to vaccinate all islanders with a population of less than 10,000 and everything shows that they will succeed.

Some restrictions, such as the use of the mask, will continue to apply, but the feeling that one can travel to Greece and abroad is in itself refreshing. Greek and foreign tourists thirst for new trips to the most beautiful ports of the Mediterranean to taste traditional delicacies, to know the history, to admire the architecture and, of course, to swim in the clear blue crystal clear waters. Hoteliers and caterers will make sure to follow all sanitary measures with disinfection and whatever else is needed to offer a safe vacation.

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