Natural monuments in the greek islands

Go on a holiday combining beaches, archeological monuments, special gastronomic experiences and rare natural monuments.

According to the most recently recorded data, Greece is home to 69 Preserved Natural Monuments, also known as protected areas of ecological, historical and archaeological importance, where rare species of flora and fauna tell their visitor their own majestic story, filled with fascinating facts. More or less known destinations with unique locations that remain untouched through time, waiting for you to discover and explore them, taking your island holiday to a completely new level. Travel to exquisite natural destinations in the Greek islands, with cheap ferry tickets through Let’s Ferry.

The Natural Cypress Grove in Rhodes
In the Northeastern part of the island, 50 km from the city of Rhodes, close to the mountain village of Embonas, lays one of the most important cypress forests with 1,350 hectares of Mediterranean cypresses, and just a few rough pines appearing here and there. Spread on the hillside of Attaviros Mountain, it is covered in mapped hiking trails, ideal for soaking up on some fresh oxygen, the surrounding area features the temple of Attavirios Zeus and the gorge of Sideritissa, both perfect reasons for a daily excursion to immerse yourself in the history and natural landscapes of Rhodes.

Natural monument in Rhodes with the sea view
The Petrified Forest of Lesvos
Formed 20 million years ago, after seismic and volcanic activity fossilized tree trunks and plants, this forest on the west of the island has been declared a top European Geopark.

Molyvos village in Lesvos
The Forest extends to 150 square kilometers and includes four parks: The Petrified Forest Park, Sigri Park, Plaka Park and the Park on the island of Nisiopi. Make the most of the cooler seasons and visit the island to explore the secrets of the forest through the paths that cross its vast area. Travel to one of the two largest fossil forests in the world, with cheap ferry tickets to Lesvos via Let’s Ferry.

The Petrified Forest of Lesvos
The Forest Randi in Ikaria
Of the few forests in the Mediterranean with trees as old as 300 years, also known as Gaia, Randi is located on the west side of the Sierra Atheras, 25 km from the port of Agios Kirikos in Ikaria island. Here there is a rare species of oak called Aria (Quercus ilex), while you will also find trees like Arbutus, Glystrokoumaria, Fillyra and shrubs with holly, Astoivi, Obscure, Reiki and Ladania. The picturesque forest is home to small mammals such as the Petrokounavo (Martes foina), the Hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor) and various rodent species.  

Natural landscape in Ikaria Island with the port view
Azogyres Plane Tree in Chania
Also known as the evergreen plane tree of the Holy Fathers, this sacred monumental tree is located inside the Monastery of 99 Holy Fathers in the village of Azogyres, and according to local legend, its branches form 99 crosses, as many as the Holy Fathers themselves.

Palaiochora village in Crete with sea view
Although there are 50 more plane trees of the same species in Crete, this one is of great historical importance. In the area around the plane tree, there are caves where 99 holy fathers who arrived in Crete after Cyprus, Egypt and Turkey lived in, until they built the Monastery. The tree is to be found 75 km from the port of Chania. Travel with cheap ferry tickets from Let’s Ferry to all available ports of Crete, to see all the natural monuments of the island such as the Samaria Gorge in Chania and the Sfendoni Cave in Zogiana.

The gorge of Samaria in Crete

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates in Kos, Dodecanese
Many many years ago, Hippocrates would sit in the shade of this plane tree that today has a perimeter of 12 meters. This is where he is said to have taught Medicine to his students. It is one of the oldest trees in the world and a famous attraction for anyone visiting the island of Kos. It belongs to the "Eastern Plane Tree " category and is located in the port of the island, next to the Ancient Agora and opposite the Castle of Neratzia. Sit in its shade, close your eyes and travel through time!

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates in Kos in Dodecanese
Follow the compass created for man by nature’s treasures and discover destinations that stand there for centuries, waiting for their visitors to get to know them. Go on a holiday combining beaches, archeological monuments, special gastronomic experiences, and rare natural monuments. Make a plan today by getting online and booking a reservation for cheap ferry tickets with Let’s Ferry. The process is very easy and enjoyable while you can collect your tickets at home or at the port.