Τhe most beautiful port cities of Greece

Explore the top Greek Port Cities/coastal destinations.

There’s something alluring and promising about port cities and towns! The sound of cruise ship horns brings to mind images of sun-bleached Greek island houses and narrow white alleys! The smell of the salty sea air intensifies the longing for a much-needed escape from the city! The hubbub of excited tourists trying to squeeze their backpacks in line to board the ferry boat... it all means one thing: It’s time to plan your next vacation!
The thrill of vacation begins long before you get to your destination! Indeed, the magic of the Greek summer, the sweet anticipation of something beautiful that has yet to unfold, starts at the port you’re sailing from. So how about spending some time at the port city or town from where you’re taking the ferry boat to the Greek island you’ll visit this year? From the southern Greek port of Rethymno to the north naval city of Alexandroupolis, we’ve rounded up the coastal cities that are sure to add fun to your next vacation. Find the cheapest rates to ferry tickets for the Greek islands at Let’s Ferry and travel as near or far as your heart desires!

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A beach in Samothrace
Great! Now, how about you include Alexandroupolis – the port you’re departing from - to your vacation? Spend a few days there and get to know the striking capital of Evros, one of Greece’s regional units. Plenty of parks, gardens and natural attractions, museums, medieval castles and towers and a coastline of 25k are found scattered around the naval city of Alexandroupolis, inviting you to discover its long history. Take the time to visit the Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis, a registered trademark and city symbol, which has operated without interruption since 1880! And of course, the Evros Delta National Park, one of the most important wetlands in Europe. The large flocks of flamingos that visit the Evros Delta every year as part of their migratory travel, add a tropical vibe to the Park. On your way back from Samothrace, how about driving a short 12 kilometers to the northeast of Alexandroupolis, where you can visit the Thermal Baths of Traianoupolis! The thermal mineral water contains hydrochloride that is said to help with several conditions, such as liver and kidney issues. Relax and unwind in one of the bathtubs and jacuzzis of the many spa hotels there.

If you booked ferry tickets to go on vacation to the quiet island of Alonissos, or the verdant island of Skopelos or to cosmopolitan Skiathos, it is a good idea to include the port city of Volos in your summer plans.

Skiathos island with blue waters
Volos is a city where drinking tsipouro (a strong alcoholic beverage served in shots like raki) has been elevated to a form of art! Walk on the Avenue of the Argonauts (Leoforos Argonafton), dine at one of the many restaurants or “Tsipouradika” there and enjoy a glass (or two or three) of tsipouro with seafood appetizers and Greek tapas! A short 15-minute drive outside of the city of Volos will take you to Portaria, where you can enjoy your drink or coffee while marveling on the most amazing view of the Pagasitic Gulf.

The port of Volos
If you’re into nature, hike the Centaurs’ Path amidst a natural paradise filled with streams, waterfalls, wooden bridges, and tall trees! You can also just go to the beach. The beaches of Pelion are equal in beauty to the ones of the Sporades islands. As a matter of fact, in one of them, Damouchari beach, was the natural set of the famous musical Mamma Mia. Last but not least, you must absolutely try the fresh seafood in the picturesque fishing village of Agia Kyriaki near Trikeri in Southern Pelion. The drive there can be a bit rough but totally worth it!

In Igoumenitsa, the port of the city of Thesprotia, you will enjoy the most sublime sunset while waiting for the ferry boat to the Ionian Islands or the northern Italian ports of Ancona and Venice. While there, you can enjoy fresh fish in one of the local tavernas a few kilometers from the port. Or, if you’re in the mood for some great Italian dishes, visit Sivota or Parga, a quaint coastal Greek town with colorful cliffside houses and a laid-back atmosphere.

Sivota beach in Parga
Very close to the port of Igoumenitsa, you can swim into some of the most majestic beaches of mainland Greece, with crystal clear waters that are similar to the aqua blue water of the Paxi and Kefalonia islands.

Fiskardo village in Kefalonia island
Karavostasi and Bella Vraka, Agia Paraskevi and Drepano are some of the beaches that have earned for Igoumenitsa and its surroundings the name of the "Riviera of Epirus". If you like adventures in nature, you can explore the many gorges and enjoy rafting and kayaking at the Acheron River. According to the Ancient Greek mythology, Charon – Hades’ ferryman – carried the souls of people to the Underworld across the Acheron river. Now, while there’s no way to know for sure if this is real, a dip in the river’s icy waters will definitely give you a chilling effect!

One of the most impressive medieval castles in Greece is the Castle of Chlemoutsi (originally named Chateau Clermont), which was built during the period of the Frankish rule. Book your cheap ferry tickets to Zakynthos, Kefalonia, or Ithaki at Let’s Ferry! Take advantage of Let’s Ferry’s web check-in to minimize contact while traveling and avoid long lines at the port and head to the port of Kilini, Greece’s main gateway to the Ionian Islands! Before you board the ferry, spend some time there to enjoy its long coastline with glistening sandy beaches and quiet, crystal clear waters.

The port of Kilini
Slowly get in vacation mode and head for a swim in the nearby beach of Kourouta or explore Lake Kaiaphas! Also, visit the Thermal Baths of Kilini, known since the ancient times, for some much-needed moments of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. During the last few years, the area has experienced great tourist growth. Today, many 5-star hotels and resorts are a popular destination for both Greek and foreign tourists. Located about an hour away, in close proximity to the Ancient Olympia, one of the most significant archeological sites in Greece, you can visit the temple of Apollo Epicurius, also known as the "Parthenon of the Peloponnese".

In close proximity to Athens, Lavrion is a lively seaside town where you can enjoy some drinks and tapas in one of its many ouzo bars as the perfect way to conclude a weekend getaway in Tzia (also known as Kea island) or a day trip to Kythnos.

The port of Lavrion
Close to the port is the Palm Forest of Lavrion, reflecting the many palm trees in the area. One of Athens’ landmarks, the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, is worth the 20-minute drive from Lavrion. You’ll enjoy the drive with a view the endless Aegean blue, while you ponder which of the 16 destinations you’ll head towards from Lavrion with Let’s Ferry!

Before you set sail to Bari or Brindisi with Let’s Ferry, spend some time in Patras, Greece’s fourth largest city and one of the country’s main ports. You’ll find a variety of things to do and places to go. The port city of Patras offers several attractions, one standing out above the rest: The Rion-Antirion Bridge, one of the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges, that connects the Peloponnese with mainland Greece and Europe.

Rion-Antirion Bridge
If you travel during February or March, you will have a chance to experience first-hand the Carnival of Patras, the largest carnival in Greece! The people of Patras and thousands of visitors from all over Greece turn the city into a long, fun, Greek, colorful party! Visit the Achaia Clauss Tower, the oldest winery in Greece built in 1861, to taste Mavrodaphne, a black wine grape indigenous to the region. If you want to start diving into the Greco-Roman history and architecture, visit the Roman Conservatory and the Roman Amphitheater.

Crete: An island with 4 port-cities to visit


The capital of Crete will give you a snapshot of the island’s long history and add some quality time to your vacation. Start by visiting the elaborate Palace of Knossos, the center of Minoan Civilization that dates back to 1450 BC. Spend a morning or afternoon strolling around the Old Town and visit some of the city’s historical and cultural monuments such as the imposing Venetian Walls and the Venetian Castle (Koules Fortress), at the entrance of the old port. Exploring Heraklion is also about leisurely walks along the waterfront, slacking on golden sand beaches, exploring caves and gorges, and finding out more about the pirate tales and legends! Add some time in Heraklion when you plan your next vacations to the islands of the Cyclades and the North Aegean for a memorable and fun time!

The Venetian Walls of Heraklion
Start your vacation at Rethymnon before your island-hopping expedition in Santorini or Milos or the nearby places in Crete. The crown jewel of Crete, Rethymnon is a blend of medieval and Ottoman culture, sprinkled with notes of Greek Cretan aroma. Head to the harbor restaurant area for some raki and don’t be surprised if, before you even order it, the hospitable Cretans have already brought it to you along with some local appetizers. Enjoy your drink and surrender your gaze to the beautiful sunset overlooking the Venetian Harbour.

Rethymno city in the evening
Nestled on the hill of Paleokastro is the Rethymnon Fortress or Fortezza, where the Episcope Palace, the Erofili Theater and the Sultan Ibrahim Mosque, built by the Ottomans on top of the Cathedral of St. Nicolas, are located. Touring the Old Town of Rethymnon, you’ll see many stone fountains and Venetian mansions. Twelve kilometers of sandy beaches, the longest stretch of coastline in all of Crete, are available for you to swim, have fun and enjoy the Greek sun! And, if you want something a little different, head south to the impressive Beach of Triopetra, where many yoga retreats are organized every year. We bet you’ll want to change your tickets and prologue your stay there for a little while longer! That’s easy to do if you’ve booked your tickets at Let’s Ferry!

The port of the capital of Lassithi features a beautifully illuminated pedestrian street with plenty of places to eat and drink raki! A short two kilometers east of Sitia, lies the Minoan settlement of Petras and Palace of Sitia, an important archeological site of the Early Minoan period. If you’re coming back from Anafi, Milos or Santorini, the perfect way to balance out the Aegean island white and blue backdrop is to add a little green to your vacation by visiting Vai, the largest palm forest in Europe.

Vai the largest palm forest.
Discover the blend of the many cultures that have left their mark on the city of Chania! Visit the Old Town, the Turkish Mosque Giali Tzami that dominates the Venetian port of Chania, and Kum-Kapi. Then dive into the magical turquoise-colored waters of the Balos Lagoon before taking the ferry boat from Chania to Piraeus or from Kissamos to Gythio, Kythira and Antikythera.

The lighthouse in Chania