The Venice Carnival

Carnival in Venice

Experience the Venice carnival festival in Italy and join the celebrations.

There are few destinations more famous than Venice during the carnival period. Italy in general but more specifically Venice are a traveller’s dream come true.  

The word carnival has its root on the latin expression "carnem levare" which means reduction in the meat consumption. In certain cities in Italy it is celebrated on a set date and the celebrations may extend for several weeks. For a complete list of the celebrations in Venice you may visit the Venetian carnival website.

Book early until February the 29th 2020, this winter your trip to Italy and have an unforgettable experience in Venice. Visit the city of the 118 islets, the 160 canals and the 400 bridges. Watch the spectacular Festa Veneziana, the parade of the masked men and women in the gondolas in the central canal, visit the famous San Marco piazza and the homonymous church and the celebrated Ponte dei Sospiri for an astonishing carnival!