Three islands for action lovers

Test your limits by trying the exciting outdoor sports offered on the Greek islands. Push the boundaries, get out there, and make memories that you will cherish forever.

If you love being active, chances are you enjoy adrenaline-pumping sports too. Thrill-seeking, risk-taking and conquering fear drive you. What others consider risky you see as a rejuvenating experience, a shift from the ordinary, an opportunity to expand.
Everyday life can be monotonous at times. All the more reason to take time off, get away and try something new, intense and exciting. How about sports tourism in the Greek islands?

Prasonisi in Rhodes
With cheap ferry tickets from Let’s Ferry, getting to an island offering outdoor sports activities that can make your blood freeze in your veins is just a click away. And, if you don’t know which island to choose from, we’ve put together a few for you to consider:

Kalymnos - The rock climbing Mecca
Kalymmos, the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese and the land of “sponge divers”, offers so much more than picturesque settlements, beautiful beaches and carefree holidays.
Thanks to its special geomorphology, it attracts lovers of rock climbing from around the world. Limestone rocks, huge vertical formations and imposing stalactite caves offer a variety of over 2,000 routes with a degree of difficulty ranging from 4c to 9a! Rock climbing is an exciting sport that improves focus, balance and coordination, promotes courage and confidence, and sparks the imagination. How many people get a chance to see the world from the top?

Kalymnos, the rock climbing Mecca
Most people prefer Masouri and Arginontas. Many aspiring Spidermen attempt to conquer its rather steep rocks early in the afternoon. And if you’re a… rooky on the rocks, fear not; You can always join a climbing school that is organized by experienced trainers of EOOA and quickly master the art of rock climbing. Trainings usually take place in the morning (8am-1pm) or in the afternoon (3pm-8pm) when the rocks are mostly in the shade. The rest of the day you can enjoy hanging out, swimming, hiking, or diving into the mysterious shipwrecks of the island (such as the Amphora Garden and Panormitis), sea kayaking etc. Just grab your gear and the cheapest ferry tickets to Kalymnos through Let’s Ferry!

Kalymnos rock climber
Make sure you also visit the wonderful island of Telendos, a short kilometer off Kalymnos. Having joined “NATURA 2000”, a coordinated network for protected areas, Telendos is a refuge for rare species of seabirds. It also has a traditional settlement of just 30 inhabitants and a sunken ancient city! There’s nothing better than unwinding in Homer’s "Keleri" after a sports-intense day in Kalymnos.

Paros – Blowing in the wind!
You can get to Paros in a couple of hours by speedboat or four hours if you opt for the conventional ferry. Once there, you can enjoy the island’s bustling life, quiet beaches, mouth-watering food and plenty of outdoor activities that will take your …adventurous breath away!

Surfing in Paros
So, step one, book your ferry tickets to Paros at Step two, sip your coffee on the deck of the ship or relax in one of its comfortable lounges, because you will need all the energy you’ve got for what’s to follow once there.
All year-round winds make Paros the favorite place for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Kite Surfing, is super popular here but you can also enjoy many similar water sports, like Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Surfing, and Paragliding!

Windsurfing in Paros
Most water surfing aficionados meet at the sandy beach of Pounta, the go-to place for all windsurfers. Make sure you capture the swarm of colorful windsurfers riding the waves with your camera, or take a selfie as a daring kite surfer next to his board.

Rhodes – Sea, sun and Fun!
The capital of the Dodecanese, Rhodes, combines the mountain with the seaside. It may sound that a 12-hours ferry ride is a bit long, but booking your cheap ferry tickets to Rhodes at Let’s Ferry will definitely make it stress-free. For the fans of outdoor activities, here’s a couple of things you may want to try:

Hiking in Rhodes island
Hiking on the island of the Sun. Thanks to its hilly geography that is filled with short hills and green valleys, Rhodes is the ideal place for those who enjoy hiking. You can explore the lush Valley of the Butterflies, featuring many ponds, water streams and wooden bridges around the main river of Pelekanos that runs through the valley. Enjoy your hike until you reach the Monastery of Kalopetra, dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Try mountain hiking at Attivaros, the highest mountain of the island, offering an alpine landscape with deep valleys and steep gorges. If you are brave, we recommend hiking through Mount Akramytis, a challenging trail with nine difficult routes - the dream of any adrenaline junkie.
Wind-Surfing in Prasonisi. Located in the southern part of Rhodes, the small peninsula of Prasonisi connects to Rhodes through a narrow sandy strip of land. Meltemia, the strong and dry northwestern winds, create the perfect wind-surfing conditions. So, set up your windsurf board and fly above the waves! And when you’ve had enough of the sea sports, let go of the athlete in you and enjoy the flavors the local cuisine has to offer. Visit one of the picturesque tavernas and try lakani (goat and chickpeas cooked in a clay pot, baked in a wood oven the night before) and pitaroudia (chickpea balls made with onion and mizithra cheese).

Windsurfing in Rhodes island
Before you leave, go to a local store and buy some melekouni (a sweet made with almonds, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg). It is the perfect comfort snack for your return trip and it will tame your appetite during the long ferry ride.

So, test your limits by trying the exciting outdoor sports offered on the Greek islands. Push the boundaries, get out there, and make memories that you will cherish forever. The updated website at is super easy for you to surf it. You just need a click and three, two, one… action! Off you go to the next island.