Announcement Covid-19

Passenger guides and questionnaires for ferry travel

Dear customers,

As part of the special guidelines for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases, ferry passengers traveling longer than 30 minutes must complete a special questionnaire before boarding the ship.

The following are the questionnaires:
Domestic Shipping Questionnaire
Questionnaire on international lines

Important information regarding your travel during the COVID 19 pandemic

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many countries have enforced travel restrictions. These restrictions, combined with the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the pandemic, have resulted on a global scale disruption of travel plans.

In Let’s ferry, driven by our concern for everyone’s health as well as the need to contain the virus,  we have immediately complied to the governmental guidelines regarding the remote work of our employees and our customer care. Therefore we have shifted most of our customer support to online support since the majority of our employees work from home. Additionally, the increased amount of requests from our customers have resulted in an increased response time from our part, and for this we would like to apologise and ask for your understanding.

Please rest assured that we work hard and closely with the ferry companies in an effort to satisfy all your requests and find the best possible solutions regarding your travel.

We would like to inform our passengers that, in accordance with the Act of Legislative Content (Measures to address the ongoing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic), published in the Greek Government Gazette 84/A/13-4-2020, the provisions of Article 65 (Refunds from maritime travel cancellations) come into force as of Wednesday 15/04/2020 and therefore the Ferry Companies cancellation policy is modified as follows:

  • Passengers with tickets for travel until 31/10/2020 who cannot travel due to travel restrictions, or who do not wish to travel due to uncertainty because of the pandemic or due to cancellation of their scheduled itineraries, must convert their tickets to open date tickets.
  • A prerequisite for the above replacement option to be valid is that tickets must be converted to open 24 hours prior to the scheduled travel date/time of the initial ticket.
  • The new tickets can be used for any itinerary up to 30/04/2022.
  • All tickets must be replaced with one booking/transaction and each ticket may be replaced with a new one of the same seat categories.
  • If the new booking is of greater value than the previous one (e.g. more expensive tickets), there will be no extra charge.
  • If the new booking is of lesser value than the previous one, the difference is not refundable.
  • The new reservation may apply to any destination within the network of the ferry company that the initial booking was made.
  • In case passengers have not used the open date tickets after 18 months since the date of their trip, they are entitled to a full refund.

The email which you can use to send all your requests is:
Phone support (only for urgent issues, please send us an email if you wish to alter your reservation):
Monday- Friday 9.30 -17.30, Saturday 9.30 - 14.30