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Where can I find my booking reference?

The booking reference (PNR: Passenger Name Record) comprises 10 digits (example: 0153834890) and appears on your Booking Information page and in your confirmation email.

I don’t remember my booking reference

If you don’t remember your online booking reference, we can search for it using the email or surname you entered during the booking process.

My credit card has been charged but I haven’t received a confirmation email.

Please check first to see if the confirmation email has gone into your junk mail or spam folder. If your confirmation email is not there, it is possible that during the booking process a temporary technical problem occurred at the company or companies offering the route you have selected. This technical problem may have prevented your booking from being completed, however the system had proceeded to get pre-authorisation for the corresponding amount on your card. In this case, kindly contact us.

I have found a mistake in the confirmation email.

When checking your email if you find that a mistake has been made during your booking, please contact us immediately. If you need to change your ticket, additional charges may apply.

My name has been misspelled.

According to Council Directive 98/41 EU, it is obligatory, for safety reasons, that a passenger list be issued for every voyage.
For registration purposes tickets are issued IN THE PASSENGER’S NAME and must contain the following details:

NAME AND SURNAME of passenger
If there is a mistake in your name, please contact the ferry company to resolve the issue.

How can I be sure that my booking has been successfully completed?

Your booking has been successful when the page with your booking number and all the details of your trip appears.
You will then receive an automated confirmation email with your booking number and all the details of your journey.

Can I board the ship without my ticket?

No, boarding is only allowed upon presenting your printed ticket. Showing your booking number or ticket number is not sufficient for embarkation.

Can I collect my ferry tickets from the port?

Yes, provided that you selected the option ‘’collect at port’’ before completing your electronic booking.

When can I collect my tickets from the port?

If you selected the option ‘’collect at port’’, you can collect your tickets any time after completing your booking, upon presenting the ferry company code given in the confirmation email.

Do I need to confirm my departure time?

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend that you confirm your departure time from each port with the relevant port authority. We ensure you that our agency will make every possible attempt to notify you on time, however in certain cases, like when the weather is bad or there is a strike affecting ferry routes, the only parties responsible for confirming any changes to your route are the port authority or the ferry company with which you are travelling.

How early should I arrive at the port prior to departure?

Embarkation begins 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. According to law 3709/2008, passengers are required to board the vessel half an hour prior to the scheduled time of departure and to bring their vehicles to the waiting area 1 hour prior to the departure. LETSFERRY recommends that you arrive at the port at least 1 hour prior to departure time for domestic lines, or 2 hours prior to departure time for international lines.

What is the boarding procedure?

The driver is responsible for loading and unloading his vehicle. Vehicle passengers must exit the vehicle before embarkation. Vehicles’ priority order for embarkation is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority, where embarkation takes place.
All passengers must be in possession of the required valid travel documents. The Company reserves the right to refuse boarding if the passenger does not carry the required travel documents.
If a passenger wishes to disembark prior to the ship’s departure, he must inform the vessel’s Purser’s Office and upon leaving the ship take his luggage with him, as well as his vehicle, if it is possible for him to remove it from the ship’s garage.

What happens if I lose my ferry tickets?

Not all ferry companies provide compensation if you lose your tickets. Although we will make every possible effort from our side to claim the amount of the lost tickets from the ferry company, you will have to buy new ferry tickets and pay the price of the new tickets. In any case, please contact us immediately so we can forward your lost ticket claim to the ferry company before the ship departs.

What am I entitled to in the case of cancellation due to force majeure?

In all cases you must contact either us or the main agent of the ferry company before the scheduled departure time to find out if you need to book a new ticket for the next scheduled departure and also if a full refund has been approved by the ferry company.

Can ferry tickets be issued online?

Greek ferry companies do not issue e-tickets at the moment. You will need your printed ticket in order to embark.

Can my ticket be used by somebody else?

Tickets are personal and issued in the passenger’s name. They are non-transferable and valid only for the class, route and date for which they were issued.

I have lost my ferry tickets. What can I do?

In case of loss of a ticket, the passenger must buy a new one in order to travel. He must then notify the company of the loss in writing stating the date of travel, the route, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket purchased and provide a photocopy of the latter.
If it results from the company’s archives that the lost ticket has not been used within a period of 1 month after the date of travel, the company shall issue a ticket of equal value to the lost one, at no extra charge.
All data regarding a lost ticket can be obtained from the agency you booked with and which issued your ticket. The statement of loss of ticket shall be submitted to the Customer Service Department of the ferry company concerned, with the exception of MINOAN LINES where in the case of ticket loss, the passenger must notify the agent who issued the ticket, or the company headquarters in writing. The lost ticket shall be replaced at no extra charge, except in the case of change in price or class, in which case the passenger will have to pay the difference.
Ferry companies do not offer cancellations for lost tickets.

Can I select a specific seat in the case of numbered seats?
When booking online, ferry companies do not provide the option to choose specific seats. The system always tries to place all the passengers in the same booking in adjacent seats, or nearby seats, depending on the availability at the time of your transaction. If you want to make sure that you get adjacent seats you can contact the ship’s reception.
What happens if the sailing is cancelled or delayed?

LETS FERRY and the ferry companies shall not be responsible in case the voyage is delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or as ordered by the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy or by the Port Authorities, or for reasons of force majeure, In this case tickets can be redeemed at the Central Agencies of the ferry companies or at LETSFERRY by presenting the whole ticket.
Passengers who are already on board should collect the ticket slip kept during check-in from the ship’s purser’s office, before disembarking.

How can I book my ferry tickets?

Please enter the information for your journey in the ferry ticket search form (port of departure, port of arrival, number of passengers and vehicles and whether you are booking a round-trip). If a child or infant is travelling with you, you must add them to the total number of passengers. When you click on the ‘’Search’’ button, all available routes will appear for you to chose from. Next to each route the lowest fare per person will appear for each ferry company.
In the next step fill in the full name of the passengers, and select sex, ticket type and your preferred seat type. If you have included a vehicle in your booking select the vehicle category and enter the vehicle registration plate number. By clicking on ‘’Calculate Prices’’ the cost for your chosen route will appear, then select one of the available methods to collect your tickets.
Finally, enter the details of the person in whose name the receipt or invoice is to be issued. Enter the credit card or Paypal details (fields marked with an asterisk are required). Click on ‘’Complete Booking’’. A message will pop up saying that your booking has been successful.
If you only want a one-way trip, please click on the ‘X’ in the ‘’round-trip’’ field on the ferry ticket search form.

How can I book a one-way ticket?

In the ferry ticket search form enter the details of your trip (port of departure, port of arrival, number of passengers and vehicles) If you only want a one-way trip, please click on the ‘X’ in the ‘’return date’’ field.

Can I book a ticket for a third person if I am not travelling with them?

Yes! You can book a ticket for any third person you specify to us.
The booking reference (PNR), and the ticket number, contain personal passenger information which the passenger should take note of.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Your ticket is a personal document and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Can I book a ticket for an unaccompanied minor?

Minors between the ages of 15 and 18, can travel unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, under the following conditions:
Completion of a Statutory Declaration by the parent or legal guardian of the minor, with his/her signature certified by the police or port authority.
To board the ship, the minor passenger must have with them their ticket, the original Statutory Declaration, and their ID card as proof of identity.
In all cases, the parent or legal guardian of the minor passenger bears complete responsibility for the prompt acquisition and certification of the Statutory Declaration, and of any other accompanying documents that may be required at the port of departure.
Under no circumstances shall the company be held responsible if, due to inadequate documents and/or identification certificates, embarkation is denied by the competent ship’s Officers or by the Port Authorities.

How should I enter my name during the booking process?

You must enter your name exactly as it appears on your travel documents.

Can I check the availability online without completing the payment?

Of course! You can check the availability of routes and prices since payment will only be made when you select ‘’complete my booking’’ in the last step of the on-line ticket purchase.

Information on ticket availability.

LETS FERRY shows data related to ticket availability based on the updated information constantly provided by the ferry companies. Although the data reflects the number of available seats, on different routes, the same way it is offered by the different operators, LETS FERRY is not responsible for incorrect representations, during the booking process, of this data.

When is the cheapest time of year to travel?

Prices generally rise as availability decreases so those who book earlier are usually rewarded with a cheaper fare. Around school holidays and national holidays, tickets tend to be very expensive and often quickly run out, so you may wish to avoid travelling at these times. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about special offers as they become available.

Is it cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket?

It depends on the company. Some ferry companies including Bluestar, Anek Lines, and Golden Star Ferries offer a discount on round-trip tickets. You can easily check this out for yourself by performing a simple search.

How many passengers and vehicle tickets can be included in one booking?

Up to eight (8) passengers and three (3) vehicles can be included in a single on-line booking. Some ferry companies, however, may not allow the addition of more than one (1) vehicle per booking.

Does the driver have to be included in the number of passengers?

Yes. ‘’Passengers’’ refers to all those travelling on the ferry, not just the additional passengers in a vehicle.

What are the different passenger categories?

Most ferry companies have the following basic categories:
• All passengers over the age of 10 are considered adults.
• All passengers aged 5 to 10 are considered children.
• Passengers under the age of 5 are considered infants.
Ages can differ depending on the ferry company.

What kind of ticket should I book for a child/infant?

All ferry companies offer lower fares for infants and children. Usually, children under the age of four (4) travel for free, however the issuance of a ticket with zero (0) cost is obligatory. Children from the ages of four (4) to ten (10) usually have a 50% discount. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the age limits for children regarding lower fares may vary from company to company.

What other categories of ticket discounts are there?

Many ferry companies offer discounts to Greek students, large families, people with special needs, Military.

Which students are entitled to a discount?

On international routes, discounts are offered to all students of Greek Universities and to holders of the International ISIC card. On domestic routes within Greece, all students of Greek Universities with a valid pass are entitled to a discount. Some companies offer discounts also to ISIC card holders (e.g. Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries, ANEK Lines, Saronic Ferries). Specific information about discounts can be found on the ISIC card website. The student discount is usually 25-50% depending on the company and season.

Why can’t I find my type of vehicle on the drop-down menu?

The ferry company concerned may not permit your type of vehicle or the option for online booking is not available. This may vary from company to company. Please contact us for more information.

How can I make a booking for a different vehicle in each direction?

Not all ferry companies allow two different vehicles in one booking. If this option is not available for your chosen route then we suggest making 2 separate one-way bookings.

How can I make a booking for a different number of passengers in each direction?

Not all ferry companies allow a different number of passengers to travel in each direction in one booking. If this option is not available for your chosen route, then we suggest making 2 separate one-way bookings.

I’m pregnant, can I travel by ship?

This varies from one ferry company to another, however as a general rule you are permitted to travel at up to 28 weeks pregnant (at time of travel).Women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant should carry a medical certificate of fitness to travel, therefore we advise that you contact us prior to booking if you are going to be 28 weeks pregnant or more at the time of travel.

Why aren’t there any routes available for when I want to travel?

This may mean that timetables have not yet been released for sale, the ferry is not running on that day or the ferry is full. If in doubt then please contact us.

How can I pay for my booking?

All tickets must be paid in full at time of booking. We accept all credit cards and PayPal. We generally do not allow bank transfers to be used as payment method though may accept on a case by case basis.

Do you work with all ferry companies?

LETS FERRY provides the most accurate information on a large number of operators on different domestic and European routes. Although the list of ferry companies is constantly updated, LETS FERRY cannot always guarantee an updated representation of all the ferry companies operating certain routes.

Can I book an open ferry ticket?

It is not possible to book an open ticket. However, some ferry companies allow ferry tickets that have already been booked for a specific day to be converted to open tickets. The open tickets must be used within a certain time period as determined by each individual ferry company (this varies from company to company), and after which time they are no longer valid. In this case, kindly contact us since this cannot be done online.

Can I book my return from a different port?

Our booking system allows departure and return with different companies and from a different port. If you wish to return from a different port then select the ‘’multiple routes’’ option on the search form. Fill in the FROM – TO field of the first route then in the second route field you can enter a different FROM - TO.

What is meant by the message, "your selected route is not available’’?
This means that the seat you have selected is no longer available. For example, you may have selected 3 economy seats while there are only 2 are available in the system. In this case, your booking is automatically cancelled by the system.
Why don’t all the ports appear?
It could be that the port you are searching for has a different name to that of the island. For example, the port of Santorini is listed in the booking system as Thira. If you are unable to find the island or port you are looking for on the list there are two possibilities: 1) Our online system does not provide the destination in question, or 2) there is no such route.
How can I collect my tickets?

Depending on the remaining time until the departure of your route our system will automatically give you any of the following options for collecting your tickets:
Delivery by courier
Collection from your port of departure.
Collection from our offices in Piraeus, which are open daily from 06.00 to 22.00 and are located at 2 Loudovikou St. (opposite the Metro steps) and 6 Aristidou St.

I will be travelling with a rental car and don’t know the registration plate number yet. What should I enter in the registration number field?

If you don’t know the registration plate number of the car you will be taking with you on your trip, you can enter RENT1 for all ferry companies except for ANEK – Superfast for which you should enter AA1 and Minoan Lines, where you should enter TOBECONFIRMED1. At the port of departure, before collecting your tickets, you should tell the ferry company the correct number so that it can be entered on your ticket.

Can I book a ticket for a commercial vehicle?

Tickets for commercial vehicles or lorries must be booked directly from the central offices of each ferry company. Only passenger tickets can be booked online.

Is it safe for me to enter my credit card details on the LETS FERRY website?

Your credit card information is sent to us via a secure server. We use the latest and most secure technology, which encrypts all of your personal details and credit card information. The encryption method used is the standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Our booking system refers you to the website of the bank that issued your credit card in order for it to authorise the transaction by entering your PIN.

In which currency will I be charged?

Since LETS FERRY has its headquarters in Greece, all credit card and debit card transactions are paid in euros (€).

What luggage can I take on board?

Passengers are entitled to carry on board (2) pieces of hand luggage of total weight up to 50 kilograms or up to 1 cubic metre in size. Luggage must be stored in specially designated areas of the vessel according to the crew’s instructions. Luggage must not contain valuables. Valuables can be handed over to the Officers in charge for safekeeping, The carrier is responsible for the loss or damage of luggage on board only if it has been handed over for safe-keeping and a relevant receipt has been issued. The company cannot be held responsible for any loss of money, valuables or luggage left in the ship’s communal areas, in vehicles or in cabins.

Can I have my tickets delivered to the hotel where I am staying?

You can have your tickets delivered by courier for an extra fee, which will vary according to your location.

Can I smoke on board the ship?

Complying with Law No 3730 of the Ministry of Health, since 1st July 2009, smoking has been prohibited in all indoor communal areas and cabins of our vessels. Passengers may only smoke in designated areas of the outdoor open decks.

How can I make a group booking?

Kindly note that you will need to make 2 or more separate bookings if you are between 8 and 24 people. For groups larger than 25 people, please contact us.

What documents do I need at embarkation?

All passengers must have their ID card or passport with them. The Pursers carry out ticket controls upon boarding and during the voyage. Upon such controls, passengers are required to present their tickets as well as any documents which entitle them to a reduced fare ticket, if issued.

As part of the special guidelines for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases, ferry passengers traveling longer than 30 minutes must complete a special questionnaire before boarding the ship.

The following are the questionnaires:

Domestic Shipping Questionnaire
Questionnaire on international lines

Do I need a passport?

When travelling within the country where your ticket was issued you only need a valid ID card. For international destinations or when travelling outside the country where your ticket was issued, then you must have a passport.
If you are travelling to a country you believe requires a visa, we recommend that you contact the local embassy.

Where can I find more information about my rights as regards refunds and compensation in the case of cancellation or delay?

If you are travelling from or to a port in the European Union, please visit the European Commission website. In any other case please consult the competent body.

How can I change my ferry booking?

If your ticket allows you to amend your booking then please visit the Contact Us page and send us your booking details via the contact form.
If you already have your ticket, changes can only be made if there is enough time before the departure date for you to send us the old ferry tickets and for us to then send you the new ones. Kindly note that we cannot issue new tickets before having received the old ones. Tickets can only be changed if the new ones are for the same company and they will be subject to an additional charge (€5 per ticket). Otherwise, the old tickets will have to be canceled and new ones issued, in which case cancellation fees may be applicable. For this reason we kindly ask you not to make a new electronic booking but to contact us directly.

How can I cancel my ferry booking?

If your ticket allows you to cancel and entitles you to a refund, then please visit the Contact Us page and send us your booking details via the contact form.
Once tickets have been issued, not all ferry companies will offer a full refund. There may be a cancellation fee, but this will depend upon the cancellation policy of the respective ferry company. In the case of cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible. In order for the ferry company to issue a refund, you must be in possession of the original tickets. As soon as we have received the tickets we will refund the corresponding amount, within approximately 5 working days. Mailing costs and booking handling fees are non-refundable. In all cases our office will charge a cancellation fee of €5 per ticket in addition to the ferry company’s cancellation fees (if any).

What does LETS FERRY charge for each ticket cancellation/change request?

For each completed ticket cancellation/change request, LETS FERRY charges €5 per ticket in addition to any cancellation fee applied by the respective ferry company.

Can I take my pet on board with me?

Most ferry companies allow transportation of pets, usually for a small fee. Whether your pet remains in your vehicle, or in a specially designated area for pets, for the duration of the journey, depends on the length and type of the journey. Each ferry company has its own policy as regards pets on board and always depending on the route. The vessels have special cabins as well as special areas for the accommodation of pets. The number of these cabins is limited so prompt reservation is advised.
For sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed in cabins (other than the special pet cabins), bars, restaurants and the ship’s indoor public area. When walking on the open deck, dogs must always be accompanied, be on a leash and wear a muzzle. Passengers travelling with a pet must always carry with them a recently updated health book of the pet and are responsible for the pet’s care, safety and hygiene. The vessels have a special area for pets’ daily hygiene.
Unaccompanied pets shall not be accepted on board. If you have any questions, please contact the ferry company.
Please ensure that you comply with the regulations of each country or territory you travel to or from.

How can I travel with an assistance dog?

Assistance dogs, whether trained to assist the blind or people with special needs, as well as dogs undergoing training as guide dogs, are transported without a transportation cage or muzzle provided that they are wearing a harness, independent of their size. The assistance dog’s user or trainer must carry with them the legally required documentation for inspection by the Authorized personnel, when requested. If you have any questions, please contact the ferry company.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Who should I contact in the case of lost property?

You should contact the ferry company directly.

My question was not answered. What should I do now?

Please visit the Contact Us page and send us your question via the contact form.

How can I leave my comments?

Please visit the Contact Us page and send us your comments via the contact form.

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