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The town belongs to La Oliva region and in the early days it was a fishing village. Now it’s a popular summer resort.

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Corralejo, is the port on Fuerteventura, a volcanic island, the second largest in Canary Islands. The town belongs to La Oliva region and in the early days it was a fishing village. Now it’s a popular summer resort. The entire island has been declared by UNESCO as a “Biosphere Reserve”. It’s very close to Africa, something that affects the climate, and during winter the lowest average temperature is 15ο C. You will find tickets to Corralejo and the “island of the eternal spring” in Let’s Ferry.

The town of Corralejo

The town of Corralejo

Attractions in Corralejo
• Visit the Bayuyo Volcano (Volcanes de Bayuyo)where you can see a chain of volcanoes.
Calderon Hondo has the easiest access and you can walk towards it through a hiking trail from the port.
• Visit the Toston Lighthouse (Faro del Toston) and the Traditional Fishing Museum (Museo de la Pesca Tradicional) at El Cotillo village. Here you will find the exotic El Cotillo beach. It’s 25 km from the port.
Betancuria is the oldest village in the Canary Islands, dating back in 1.404, and also the first capital of the island.
• You can also visit the Fuerteventura Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico de Fuerteventura). It’s 50 km from the port.

Beaches in Corralejo
Fuerteventura is an island with pristine beaches, natural pools, shallow waters and a 150 km long sandy coastline.
Grandes Playas is a group of beaches very close to each other, a paradise for water sports lovers!
Charco de Aguas Verdes is a natural pool that is a result of the volcano eruption. It faces the Atlantic Ocean and it’s 50 km from the port.
Cofete is one of the finest in Canary Islands and has a wild nature landscape. On windy days swimming is not safe.

Sandy beach in Corralejo

Sandy beach in Corralejo

What to do in Corralejo
• Organise a buggy tour around the dunes of the Natural Park of Corralejo. You will have the chance to see rare bird species. This area together the Los Lobos Island has been declared as Important Bird Area.
Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP and Surfing at Flag Beach, which is 5 km from the port.
• Rent a boat to visit the volcanic Los Lobos Island. Its uninhabited and it forms the Natural Park of Los Lobos Island. You need a permission to visit, which you can easily obtain online.

Access to Corralejo: You can reach the port by bus, car, plane or ferry. Fuerteventura airport is 40 km away.
Only in Corralejo: Here you will see the International Kite Festival (Festival Internacional de Cometas), that takes place in Corralejo Natural Park. Kite handlers from all over the world arrive on the island and fill the sky with hundreds of colourful kites.
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Information about the port of Corralejo

The port is connected to Playa Blanca.
What’s in Corralejo port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxis, car, motorbike and boat rentals, free parking.

Useful phones:
Port: +34 828 18 11 43
Hospital: +34 928 85 15 00
Police: +34 928 86 61 07

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