Izmir (Smyrni) - Lesvos

Izmir (Smyrni) Lesvos ferry tickets
Lesvos or Mytilene is Greece’s third-largest island and is larger than life. The island is rugged, forested, volcanic and 40% of its surface is covered by olive trees; 11 millions of them! The island is extensively covered by pines, oaks and chestnut trees. Half of the world’ ouzo and some of the finest soaps in the country are produced on the island.
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Information about the port of Izmir (Smyrni)

The port is connected to Thessaloniki. The official currency of the country is the Turkish Lira.
Facilities at the port of Izmir: Free Wi-Fi, taxis, bus, dolmus, tickets office, paid parking, currency exchange office, ATM, cafe, restaurant.

Useful phones, Izmir
Port: +908502441597
Hospital: +902322505050
Police: +902324460745

Information about the port of Lesvos

Ferries run regularly to connect Lesvos to Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Chios, Samos, Kos and Rhodes.