Best October Getaway Trips

6 lovely destinations for the 28th of October brought to you from Let’s Ferry.

We live in a country where everyone dreams to travel, with some of the top global destinations on our feet.

Ok, hear me out 2020. You are a year that brought natural catastrophes, political turbulence and a global epidemic. You deprived us from athletic events, concerts, family gatherings and parties.
But you know what? You cannot take national holidays and short getaways from us.
Because we live in a country where everyone dreams to travel, with some of the top global destinations on our feet. And as long as the measures allow it, we will travel. You know why 2020?
Because thanks to you we can now work remotely… to the problem you caused we found the solution! In the end, who defines distance? Is it Chalandri, or Piraeus the most distant we can get, or maybe… Sifnos?
What if the 28th of October this year is a Wednesday? We can use Thursday and Friday to work our way through the weekend, settling in a screensaver-worthy place: by the sea, the gulls, the Greek coffee aroma - or even fresh seafood’s Aegean smell (depending on the time and the mood). The stress-free environment of the island will host the ideal office, and the inhabitants will be kind-hearted with us as usual. Because here, you don’t have to worry about occupying a seat for too long. While you are Zooming they will be there… to help you feel at home. Or should we say “at work”?

So, don’t waste time. Choose your favorite close destination to celebrate the 28th of October national holiday and book cheap ferry tickets to the Greek islands through Let’s Ferry; Lose your tie, get some Vitamin D from a sunny deck and don’t forget to slip a swimsuit in your briefcase. The weather is still warm and most of the days it feels summerish. Do you need some help to decide?

6 lovely destinations for the 28th of October brought to you from Let’s Ferry.

The Capital of Cyclades, the place where Markos Vamvakaris composed “Fragosyriani” - one of the most popular Greek songs - Siros will inspire you. Set up your “office” next to the emblematic Town Hall or in the Panoramic Vaporia area where you can relax by the sea and the aristocratic mansions after a long virtual meeting. Book your ferry tickets for Siros now and don’t forget to taste the renowned Lukumi” (a Syrian aromatic gelatinous rose, mastic and vanilla flavored sweet) that will make the workload sweeter.

Married or in a new relationship traveler… romantic Milos is for you! What a better chance to mix business with pleasure in an idyllic landscape than this? With a vast price range in accommodations, an array of crystal-water beaches, and regular ferry trips from Piraeus, Milos is so easy to be explored. Book your tickets at and pick them up at home or at the port. Tip: For an extra productivity bonus, visit Klima with its lovely white fish boat houses.

Only a short two-hour trip from Rafina, Andros is ideal for a three (or four or five!) days of work in a boss-free environment. Isolate on a Rivas’ square bench next to the Unseen Sailor Statue (and who knows, maybe someday, you, the Unseen Corporate Executive, will have your own statue too). If you don’t mind a noisy surrounding, take your laptop and go work in a cosmopolitan café at Batsi. Book your ferry ticket for Andros on time if you want to visit it on the “busy” 28th of October. We sense that many people will have the same idea!

This island is like a miracle. You’ll need a good time management to visit its fifty-two villages! Whether you are travelling alone or with your best friends, you will find Tinos’s combination of history, cuisine and culture, captivating. Forget all the worries while gazing at the breathtaking view of Triantaros, while enjoying a mouthwatering local brunch and charge headlong to work. Worry only about this: booking your tickets to Tinos at on time!

For solo travelers, family vacations or trip with your besties, Serifos will bring the best out of you. All this sea wilderness combined with the inland calmness; this island knows about balance. Swim in Lia or take a break at the yachtsmen’s favorite hangout. The skippers’ stories might define your new career choices. And when at last you click “send”, treat yourself with a glass of local tasty wine and a dish of “pedoulia” (salted pork served with cabbage and spices). Off to one of the top destinations for 28th of October’s getaway with only a click!

With a cool everyday life rhythm, a long culinary tradition and cheap ferry tickets by Let’s Ferry, where will you find a better remote-office than the sunbathed Sifnos? Discover small, cosy cafés In Apollonia to focus on your work, or take a small walk in Artemona to try “Chalvadopites” (a delicious Sifnian sweet). No project can trouble you after that!
So, focus on the positive- because every problem is a disguised opportunity- and make the best out of the new “normal”. Choose one of the 28th of October Best Getaway Ideas and start working overtime not to miss a Let’s Ferry ticket offer to and from every Greek port!

Tip: Before travelling, visit the Greek Citizen Protection’s official website which keeps you updated about the control measures regarding COVID-19 and choose one of the “green zone” islands: