Travel through history to greek islands!

Visit destinations that played an important role during the war and combine history lessons with monuments and sights.
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The 28th of October, when Greece celebrates the events of World War II, is getting near. Take this opportunity to visit destinations that played an important role during the war and combine history lessons with monuments, sights, strolls and the unique touch of each beautiful island. Book cheap ferry tickets with Let’s Ferry to historic destinations today!

After several provocative moves against Greece that actually lasted for a long time, Italy picked a very important day for the island, the 15th of August 1940, to strike hard. While the whole island was preparing to celebrate the Virgin Mary, shortly after 8 in the morning, an Italian submarine torpedoed and sank the destroyer Elli right in the port of Tinos. Today, the Mausoleum of Elli is located in the Holy Temple of Evangelistria in Tinos, next to the Holy Temple of Zoodochos Pigis, where you can find the ossuary of the victims of the attack. Tinos is an unexpected surprise for those who explore it. Traditional settlements overlooking the Aegean Sea and the surrounding Cyclades, such as the village of Pyrgos. Endless sandy beaches and ideal windsurfing spots such as Kolimbithra and other beauties that you will discover once you book your cheap ferry tickets to Tinos with Let’s Ferry.

Little church in Tinos island
Little church in Tinos island

You can tell by its location on the map that this island has always been of great strategic importance in the Mediterranean, as it unites Africa with Europe. British forces arrived on the island on October 31 to support the local’s defense against the Germans, while the heroes of the 5th Division, a force composed of Cretan soldiers, had already begun their long journey to the Greek-Albanian border. The attack by the Germans and the attempt to occupy the island took place in 1941 with targeted bombings in Heraklion, Chania, Maleme and Rethymnon, as on May 20, German paratroopers crashed in the coastal village of Maleme and Chania.

The old port of Chania
The old port of Chania

Today, the beautiful island of Crete hosts many monuments of the war, most importantly the German military cemetery Maleme. There are about 4,500 German soldiers’ graves in the cemetery, laying here as solid proof of the battle, the likes of which, as they say, has never before been seen in world history. The village is 25 km from the port of Chania and can be reached by local bus or car.

Τhe German military cemetery Maleme
Τhe German military cemetery of Maleme

One of the toughest prisons was created on the island of the Knights, for any inhabitant of the Dodecanese who had Greek citizenship. The open-air concentration camp named Concentramento occupied two adjacent areas, one in the moat of the Old Town and the other behind the current City Hall of the city of Rhodes. Conditions were very difficult for the approximately 300 detainees aged 18 to 60. They had to fight with hunger, diseases like malaria, and reptiles like snakes and scorpions. The captivity lasted from October 28, 1940 until April 1941. Discover a completely different side of the island by talking to residents whose parents lived during this dark period. Everyone has a fascinating story to share.

The port of Rhodes
The port of Rhodes

The residents of Ermoupolis saw all their fishing boats and ships in the port get sunk by German planes. Syros suffered around 8.000 losses during 1941-1943 as famine really hit the island hard since no food supplies would reach its shores for days on end. They say this is the only island that suffered as much during the war. The monument comemorating this ordeal is located in Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros with dozens of attractions and its own beach, Asteria. Among the points of interest in the city are the Municipal Gallery of the Cyclades, the impressive Apollo Theater and the Archaeological Museum of Syros. Syros is an ideal destination in the Fall, carrying rich history combined with an elegant nightlife. Do not waste another minute and book cheap ferry tickets to Syros through Let’s Ferry.

View in the town of Syros
View in the town of Syros

The WW II shipwrecks
If you love diving, you can learn a lot about World War II on the Greek seabed, where there are many shipwrecks to be visited and explored. Organize themed excursions or combine your holidays with a long dive in the history of Greece.
Do not miss:
- The German pursuer and shipwreck in Chania.
- In Milos, 4 cargo steamships have been sunk by German forces.
- In Sounio there is the shipwreck of Oria, in which 4100 Italian prisoners who were transported from Rhodes to Piraeus lost their lives.
- At the bottom of the sea of Kea you will find Junkers 52, a three-wheeled transport that took part in the Battle of Crete.
- In Andros and specifically in Korthi, the trunk of a German ship is resting quietly since it sunk here.

Shipwreck in Andros island
Shipwreck in Andros island

Greece is jam-packed with history. Explore your favorite destinations like never before, by studying the history of each destination. Take advantage of the long Fall weekends and make an online reservation for cheap ferry tickets through