Ferry tickets to Milos
Aphrodite’s island has a volcanic nature that boasts some of the most impressively colored rocks from where you can enjoy unforgettable jumps into the sea.

Milos, the diamond of the Aegean

Aphrodite’s island has a volcanic nature that boasts some of the most impressively coloured rocks from where you can enjoy unforgettable jumps into the sea. Milos offers adventure, unique natural sceneries and famous beaches! Find the best prices on ferry tickets to Milos through Let’s Ferry and… off we go!

Picturesque fishing village of Polonia in Milos

The picturesque fishing village of Polonia in Milos

Milos, attractions
Klima is a picturesque fishing village featuring the “sirmata”, fishermen houses with colourful doors where they used to dock their boats.
• The Catacombs of Milos. The tombs dating from the 1st - 5th century BC. are the only catacombs found in Greece. Check the visiting hours before you go there.
• The restored windmills of Tripiti to enjoy an espresso or a breath taking sunset.

Accommodation in Milos
Milos, Chora: Plaka is the capital of Milos. It’s the busiest settlement of the island where you find hotels and apartments for rent, supermarkets, banks and gas stations. The stone alleys of Plaka in Milos are full of tourists every night during the summer, when they return from a day in the sun.
Pollonia: In a romantic scenery, you can find many seaside fish restaurants and a lot of rooms for rent. In Pollonia you can take the ferry for the route Milos – Kimolos.
Hotels, Adamas: Rent a room close to the port and be on time on your departure day.

Mandrakia village in Milos

Mandrakia village in Milos

Milos, night life
Discover an island full of contradictions: Milos has a relaxed nightlife, somewhat quiet in June and September, yet bustling with life during peak summer season. There are many elegant bars in Plaka, Pollonia and Adamantas. Don’t expect to find vibrant night clubs in Milos.

Beaches in Milos
Sarakiniko: The "Moonscape" beach is ideal for cliff diving and jumping from its volcanic white rocks that resemble a lunar landscape into the crystal - clear blue waters. In a short distance from there you can visit the Shipwreck of Milos. The tanker Africa broke in Milos in 2003 due to a storm.
Kleftiko: A boat ride is a must in Milos, if you want to discover its hidden coves. One of them is the volcano beach of Kleftiko with the white rocks and the emerald waters.

Kleftiko beach in Milos

Kleftiko beach with its hidden coves

Provatas: It’s a family beach with shallow waters and easy access.
Gerontas: It’s an unknown beach, which makes it more likely for locals to tell you about it. The easiest and safest way to reach this beach is by boat.

Milos, food
Don’t leave Milos unless you have tried one of its traditional dishes: watermelon pie, pitarakia, lasagna with garlic (skordolasagna) and flaounes.

Activities to do in Milos
Snorkelling in the waters loved by the monk seal, monachus monachus and diving exploration of the most exciting caves!
Boat trips to nearby Kimolos island and the old sulphur mines.
Thermal baths in the hot springs of Adamas, Alykes and Paliochori.

Enjoying Klima village in Milos

Enjoying Klima village in Milos

Tip: Don’t try to carve a declaration of your eternal love to your better half on the rocks of Sarakiniko. Not only is this tampering with a monument of natural beauty, but it is also considered an act of vandalism fined with 100 euros. Instead, opt for visiting an eternal monument of culture, the Ancient Theater of Milos and enjoy the panoramic view of the Milos Bay.

Milos, bus services: There is a frequent bus connection between the villages of Milos. The ticket costs 1,8€. There are bus stops at the main settlements like Adamantas, Pollonia, Tripiti, Paliochori, Sarakiniko, Provata, etc.

Milos, car rentals: You can find plenty of car rental services in Adamantas, Plaka and Pollonia.

Milos, airport: Milos airport is in Adamantas, 5 km from the port.

Ferry tickets to Milos
The island has ferry connections to many Greek ports. The journey Piraeus – Milos takes 2,5 hours with a high-speed boat and 7 hours with a ferry. The journey Heraklion – Milos takes 11 hours with a ferry. For routes, prices and bookings for ferry tickets to Milos, stay right here!

Information about the port of Milos

Passenger routes connect Pollonia to Piraeus, Sifnos, Serifos and Kythnos daily. There are weekly connections to Crete (Sitia), Rhodes and Karpathos, and regular ferries to Folegandros, Sikinos, Paros, Santorini and Ios.