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About us

Welcome to LET’S FERRY, an award-winning, online ticket booking platform for maritime travel that combines reliable services, speed and state-of-the-art technology. Since launching in June 2015, LET'S FERRY has had such an impressive growth, that in less than two years the company managed to establish itself as one of the top 3 leading ferry ticket booking platforms in the Greek market, covering all Mediterranean ports. A website re-launch that took place in July 2020 brought forth new, revolutionary technologies, combined with easy, quick and simplified online search and reservation and the possibility of booking tickets for more than 230 ports around the world, choosing between the fastest routes at the best available prices, as well as multiple destinations.
Besides its impressive online presence, LET’S FERRY also provides offline services through several outlets located in Greek ports such as Piraeus, Chania, Souda, and other popular Greek touristic destinations.

Easy browsing, real-time data and the utmost security of payments by credit / debit card or PayPal: LET’S FERRY's fun ticket booking experience, consistently accompanied by outstanding performance and ever-evolving technological support, has been acknowledged with numerous awards:

  • Bronze Lighthouse e-volution digital strategy award in 2016.
  • Two Peak Performance Marketing Awards, with the support of Google, for Best SEO Campaign and Best International Campaign in 2017.
  • Two Golden Peak Performance Awards in October 2020 (Best International Campaign and Best Performance in Travel & Tourism).
  • Five awards at the E-volution awards in December 2020 (one gold, two silver and two bronze). Specifically:
  • Gold e-volution Award: "Best in e-ticketing" in the "e-commerce and e-business" sector.
  • Silver e-volution Award: "Best in Travel & Tourism" in the same sector.
  • Silver e-volution award for the design and re-launch of its page, in the "Innovation & Experience Design" sector.
  • Bronze e-volution Award: "Best Cross Border Marketing" in the "Digital Communication & Marketing" sector.
  • Bronze e-volution Award: Design Aesthetics - Animation in the section "Innovation and Design".
  • Golden Peak Performance Award in September 2021 (Best Performance in Travel & Tourism).

LET’S FERRY, in a continuous strive against the instability of our times, and despite the tourism industry going through a rough patch, invested heavily in new technologies, especially in digital marketing. These awards granted by the experts, coupled with a steadily increased preference by platform users, have justified LET’S FERRY’s perseverance to remain active, even when the market looks "immobilized" and continue to invest in perfecting the experience of online search and reservation of tickets for its customers.
LET’S FERRY is a member of the GELASAKIS Group of Companies, a privately owned business group based in Greece that operates across the globe, being active in the travel, maritime and hospitality sectors.