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Terms of Use

The Company
The Let's Ferry website operates under the administration of the “GELASAKIS TOURISM HOTEL SERVICES SA” company and carries the trademark “GELASAKIS TRAVEL CENTER S.A.”, which is based in Piraeus, Aristeidou street 6, 18531. The company also owns “Let’s Ferry”, vested with the no. ΕΞ 1809/03-04-2015 decision of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Marine and Tourism.

Transactions terms
Using the Let's Ferry webpage and its services, every user accepts the General Transactions Terms being applied and governing all reservation orders, whether they are electronic or phone orders, directly at the Company's offices.
Let's Ferry serves as mediator between users and providers of every tourism service; for this reason, users must go through the General Transactions Terms of the service provider.

By making a reservation through Let's Ferry webpage or through the company's call center, the user is sending a binding order to Let's Ferry to mediate with the provider as regards the travel service to be delivered.

In the event of a change on the travel provider’s liability, Let's Ferry will try to communicate and promptly inform the user. Let's Ferry must be promptly informed by the provider; otherwise it shall not assume any responsibility.

The user is responsible to abide by the rules fixed by provider and receive information accordingly.
In the event of violation of Let's Ferry webpage general rules, Let's Ferry reserves the right to reject the user's reservation.

Let's Ferry shall assume no responsibility for any price changes or cancellation fees by the service provider. Let's Ferry remuneration for the mediation between the user and the provider is included in the overall price paid
by the user.

Methods of payment
In case of a ferry ticket reservation through Let's Ferry, payment is carried out exclusively by charging the credit/debit card, while for phone reservations, the options available are bank deposit or payment at the company's offices.
Tickets will be dispatched only after being fully paid and in cash or by credit card at each company's offices.
Let's Ferry may request substantiating documents certifying the user's data prior to tickets issue, whether a credit card copy or a copy of the deposit.

Reservation confirmation
To confirm your reservation, in case of purchase one or more of the services we offer through our webpage, an email is sent and the customer must check all reservation information and inform as soon as possible should any errors arise.

Dispatch of tickets
Ferry tickets, they may be sent by courier or be picked up in our offices.
Through email, the customer may receive all the documents required and pertain to hotel bookings (voucher), cars and organized trips.
In case the customer has to return the tickets to our company the courier costs are paid by the customer.

Travel documents
The customer is bound to hold all documents required for travelling.
Let's Ferry shall not be held liable for any omissions on behalf of the customer.

Cancellations - Changes
The terms for tickets cancellation and modification depend on the terms fixed by providers. Let's Ferry shall not assume any responsibility regarding cancellations and changes, governed by terms imposed by other providers. In any case, there will be a charge of 5 euro from our office for the change process per ticket, plus the cost that may occur from the change. 
Cancellations / Changes for tickets are made from Monday to Friday 10:00 - 15:00 CET at the latest 48 hours before departure.

In the event of a ticket change or modification, the customer is bound to inform Let's Ferry in writing in order to proceed to any change. Otherwise, the responsibility shall encumber the user himself who must read the fare rules prior to any move.

Let's Ferry does not refund the service fee that was paid upon a ticket purchase when a completed reservation gets modified, either changed or cancelled. Tickets cancellation depends on the time it is realized and the terms and conditions applicable for all travel agencies. In all cases, there will be a charge for the cancellation process, which is equivalent to 5 € per ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the shipping company (if and when they exist).

Cancellation policy
Up to 14 days before departure: 100% refund of the fare or change to new/open date
Up to 7 days before departure: 75% refund of the fare or change to new/open date
Up to 24 hours before departure: 50% refund of the fare or change to new/open date
Up to 12 hours before departure: 50% refund of the fare

ATTENTION! Special offer ferry tickets can not be canceled, can not be changed to new or open date.

There is no refund for cancellations in less than 12 hours before departure.
After departure: Tickets can not be canceled, can not be changed to new or open date

Open date tickets: Have to be used within the same year. Can be canceled with 50% refund of the fare.

Passenger and vehicle tickets bought through the Let's Ferry website or the Let's Ferry call center, can be cancelled as per the cancellation terms, as follows:

For tickets that have not been received , passengers can request cancellation by e-mail at [email protected], stating all the reservation details as well as full contact details (telephone number, e-mail address). After that, the amount of money to which the customer is entitled will be transferred from Let's Ferry to the customer's card used during the transaction within 10 business days.

For tickets that have been received, passengers should bring their tickets to one of the company's ticket offices, as listed on the contact page of letsferry.com. After that, the amount of money to which the customer is entitled will be transferred from Let's Ferry to the customer's card used during the transaction within 10 business days.

Company liability
Let's Ferry shall not assume any responsibility for the following:
1.Non availability of any of the services provided.
2.Errors and omissions pertaining exclusively to suppliers.
3.Any injuries or destruction of personal property resulting from dysfunction of the services offered by suppliers.
4.Reasons of force majeure (strike, delays, overbooking), not subject to Let's ferry jurisdiction and for which it shall not assume any responsibility.
5.For extra charges that may occur upon receipt of the tickets from the central authorized offices of the shipping companies.

User liability
The webpage user must be over 18 years and be aware of the terms of this use, according to the law. In addition, the user shall be exclusively responsible for any possible use of the internet by minors on his behalf.
It is forbidden to use the webpage for speculative or misleading reasons having no relation whatsoever with the purpose it was initially constructed for. Any observation of non lawful use of the webpage by the user in question shall immediately entail exclusion of said user from any access to its services offered.

Intellectual property
It is forbidden to copy, distribute and resale the webpage content; our company shall be its exclusive owner. This immediately excludes the creation of a derivative work as well as the disorientation of the public as regards the real ownership of the specific website and its content.

General transactions terms
Let's Ferry reserves the right to modify or renew the terms of transactions governing the use of the specific website, at any time and without any previous notice.