24 hour strike on all ships on 01/05

Panhellenic Union of Merchant Shipping Seamen goes on a 24-hour nationwide strike on all ships on May, 1st.
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A 24-hour nationwide strike on all ships (Ferry-Mediterranean / Tourist-Ferries) starting at 00:01 on 01/05/2024 until 24:00 of the same day , proceeds the administration of the Panhellenic Maritime Federation, as decided during its meeting.

In order to make any change in your planned trip, contact our customer service department at [email protected] or at +30 214 4001833 Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00.

What happens to the routes during the strike

  • Ships' itineraries during the strike do not take place or there are modifications after the end of the strike.

  • The strike concerns all Attica ports and all passenger ships.

  • If your planned trip concerns the dates of the strike, Let's Ferry can guide you with alternatives.

  • Even in the days following the strike the itineraries may be affected.