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Happiness certainly has no price and the perfect summer getaway is a privilege for everyone.

With Let's Ferry you do not need to spend a fortune to organize the perfect trip. Book your ferry tickets from small or larger ports and enjoy a budget friendly island hopping for this year's vacations. Still thinking about it? Visit our website, book your tickets and off you go!

Skiathos -Skopelos from 9.00€

Koukounaries Beach, SkiathosKoukounaries Beach, Skiathos

Book your tickets from Let's Ferry and enjoy the Sporades. Get the most out of island hopping in the most unforeseen locations. It's time to relax now that you've experienced Skiathos' lush waters and had the wildest nights of your life at the island's beach bars. Plunge into Skopelos' crystal-clear waters for a few dives to recharge your batteries, then unwind by letting your heart rate drop on a place where the people are friendly and the colors are stunning. Choose one of the many routes connecting the islands, and you'll be in Skiathos, Skopelos, in less than an hour. Visit Let's Ferry to learn more, to check out prices and to reserve tickets.

Igoumenitsa - Corfu from 8.00€

Canal d'amour in CorfuCanal d'amour in Corfu

An old time classic and famous route takes you to Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Sea and a cosmopolitan destination. If you want to admire palaces, mansions, go on excursions,enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere, have fun or learn about tradition and history, then Corfu is the destination for you. Discover charming towns, regional delicacies, the glitz of the old town, famous landmarks and endless beaches! The ferries from Igoumenitsa depart on a daily basis to Corfu. Book your tickets now with the most budget friendly prices!

Milos - Kimolos from 5.50€

Sarakiniko Beach, MilosSarakiniko Beach, Milos

In the heart of the Aegean Sea, take part in the most fun form of island hopping! After you've enjoyed Milos' alluring waters, with the entrancing hues, commanding all-white rocks and wild beauty, it's time for a little adventure to a tiny, picturesque island. Small but famous Kimolos awaits you for genuine quality island moments in clear waters far from crowds and prying eyes. The boat takes you from Milos to Kimolos in less than an hour! Find your itinerary from Let's Ferry.

Ios - Sikinos from 4.00€

View of IosView of Ios

Ios, which is known for its vibrant nightlife, golden sand beaches, picturesque Chora, and stunning sunsets, serves as the perfect jumping-off point for exploring Sikinos, a stunning island tucked away in the Aegean Sea just a breath away from Folegandros. Give yourself the time for relaxation and tranquility you require after a period of tension by taking in the view of the Aegean Sea without interruption and dive in the clear waters without crowds. You can eat fresh fish and sample the region's world-famous wine in Sikinos. Don't forget to use Let's Ferry to quickly reserve your ferry tickets to Sikinos.

Kefalonia - Ithaca from 5.00€

Lizaretto, IthacaLizaretto, Ithaca

Enjoy a journey full of heavenly colors from Captain Corelli's Kefalonia to Odysseus's homeland. Discover Ithaca's true splendors, including the picturesque villages with their secret bays, the cool beaches that beckon you to swim in their waters like other Sirens, and the transparent sea, a canvas of blue and green. Arrive in paradise in just 30 minutes.

Gythio - Kythira from 9.00€

Avlemona Beach, KytheraAvlemona Beach, Kythera

A crossroads of three seas, Kythira, the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, boasts glorious pirate legends and tales of castles and besiegers, lovely beaches for diving and extreme sports, and is easily accessible from the lower part of the Peloponnese. Kythira, frequently makes a fantastic vacation destination. The island is home to breathtaking landscapes with waterfalls straight out of a fairy tale, as well as endless natural beauty. The most affordable itineraries from Gythio can be found on Let's Ferry.

Porto Heli - Spetses from 8.50€

The picturesque SpetsesThe picturesque Spetses

From Porto Heli, take a trip to Spetses to experience the real magic of the island with the stunning beaches and cosmopolitan vibe. Romantic carriage rides around Dapia allow you to take in the city's stunning architecture, as well as historical sites on the island of Bouboulina and the Saronic Gulf's turquoise waters. The Armata Festival is in full swing in September, and the island is humming with activity. Routes from Piraeus, Poros and Porto Heli connect to Spetses. At Let's Ferry, you can purchase tickets for less than 10€.

You cannot put a price on the perfect holidays. Book your ferry tickets at the lowest prices from Let's Ferry and enjoy a wonderful summer!