Food-filling getaways in Greece

And now your taste buds are calling for something new. Set sail for 3 food-filling destinations to the Greek islands of Sifnos, Crete and Lesvos.
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If your friends and family call you a foodie, we totally get you. You hit every new restaurant in town and try every new dish on the menu. For your, food is an emotional experience…a strong one too! And now your taste buds are calling for something new. Let’s Ferry can take your appetite to a new level and serve you amazing gastronomic destinations … on a Greek platter. Book your ferry tickets online at, pack lightly and set sail for 3 food-filling destinations to the Greek islands of Sifnos, Crete and Lesvos.

Sifnos – Appetizing flavors
Let’s start our journey to taste at Sifnos, the smallest of our three recommended food destinations, that is also the homeland of the Greek famous chef Nikos Tselemedes. The island is a popular destination for summer vacations as it boasts picturesque villages, small churches and warm people. But, you can also visit Sifnos throughout the year and get a taste of its diverse culinary tradition. Whoever travelled here and tasted the local cuisine is bound to come back many more times. During Christmas, you can try the Finikia (a Greek dessert made mainly from flour, olive oil, and honey) and the Avgokalamara, a dessert made of thin ,sheet- like dough dipped in honey and Cycladic smells. During Orthodox Easter, a prime time for foodies indeed, try the Mastelo, lamb or goat cooked in a clay cooking pot baked in a wood oven. We saved the best for dessert: the Birds of Lambri (traditional buns of sweet mastic bread) and Melopita (pie with honey) will redefine sweetness!

greek easter brioche (tsoureki) from Sifnos
Greek Easter brioche (tsoureki) from Sifnos

Ιf you only have a few days off, just book the cheapest ferry tickets to Sifnos and enjoy your Sunday at a quaint little tavern savoring a hearty traditional Revythada (cheakpea soup) slow-cooked for an entire night! And while you wait for the ship at the dock, you can numb the sadness of leaving with local sweets and desserts, such as Amygdalota (macaroons), anise cookies, and Pastelia (pastries) that you will find in rich quantities at all local bakeries.

Fava beans from Sifnos
Fava beans from Sifnos

Crete - A Gastronomic Paradise
Amazing Crete, the biggest Greek island and the Capital of Delicious Taste is the go-to place for every food lover. Take a deep breath, get yourself comfortable in a local tavern, order some cold raki (local distilled alcoholic drink served as a shot) and start tasting Crete bite by bite.

tavern by the sea in Crete
Tavern by the sea in Crete

The king of appetizers, one of the island’s most emblematic salads, dakos, is so simple yet so sophisticated. Made only with three ingredients, rusk, tomato and feta cheese, it is served all over Greece but nothing beats the Cretan edition. Why? First, it’s the aromas and the flavors of the chopped tomatoes packed with Mediterranean sunshine. Then comes topping the tomato with xynomyzithra, a tangy, smooth and salted white cheese that Creatans replace feta with. And for the finishing touch… extra-virgin olive oil. And lots of it.
Next on the menu is Staka, the popular Cretan creamy cheese, served with pasta, eggs but also solo, as a side dish. You can combine Staka with Apaki, the local smoked cold cut with a strong taste due to the spiced seasoning and the aromatic smoking.

Dakos and Mizithropitakia from Crete
Dakos and Mizithropitakia from Crete

Your comfortable trip by boat and the affordable tickets to Crete by Let’s Ferry were the best appetizers. Since you made it so far, why stop now? Yes, it’s time to celebrate meat. And when we say “meat”, in Crete we mean Antikristo. Its divine taste comes from the way that is cooked; The lamb is cut into four, seasoned with salt, passed through huge wooden skewers and placed around the fire for at least five hours. You can thank us later.
How can we leave out Kalitsounia and Mizithropitakia? These little pies filled with mizithra sweet-sour cheese, sprinkled with honey and cinnamon are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Brave eaters can try the traditional Snail Dish from Crete, Κοhli bourbouristi. This authentic delicacy can be served pan-fried, or in a ragout version. Cretans love it and named it this way, because “abouboura” is a local idiom meaning “face-side down”, referring to the way the shells are placed in the pan.
Oh yes, Kretans know that the way to your heart is through your stomach!

Lesvos – Irresistible simplicity
This is where East meets West, and tradition is behind every bite. Where a crossroad of flavors creates a delicious culinary mosaic. Lesvos, (or as Greeks call it, Mytilene) with its mesmerizing beauty and legendary delicacies makes it to the top of the list as an unforgettable food destination in Greece. Your ferry tickets to all-year-fascinating Lesvos are so much more than that, it’s an invitation to discover the recipe for happiness.

Sea food dishes (mezedes) and ouzo from Lesvos
Sea food dishes (mezedes) and ouzo from Lesvos

Food in Lesvos is like a well-prepared dish. Open-armed hospitality, a proud history and a commitment to enjoying life are the main ingredients. Sun-dried, grilled or fried, fish stars in so many dishes. Depending on the season, look for Papalina (Kalloni’s famous sardene), Lakerda (November corned fish), and Trigona, a ray fish served with skordalia (a thick puree made by crushed garlic, olive oil and walnuts) as a dip.
Heading to mountainous Lesvos, you will find Lepidi (thinly sliced porkchops), mouthwatering lamb and homemade spinach pies. Don’t miss out on Sfougato, a local pie made of pumpkin, eggs and cheese. Before you leave, try Gemata, the local macaroons. It will be hard to book your return tickets to Piraeus after that.

Papalina (Kalloni’s famous sardene) in Lesvos
Papalina (Kalloni’s famous sardene) in Lesvos

Don’t waste any more time. After all our travels, what’s stayed with us, more than any memory, are the Greek food destinations. Check the updated site and taste the Greek food tourism. Travel far, travel close, travel better with Let’s Ferry!