Gelasakis Group of Companies at the “EKO Acropolis Rally” 2022

Gelasakis Group of Companies at the “EKO Acropolis Rally” 2022
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Gelasakis Group (Let's Ferry, Let's Drive, Carwiz) and its car rental sector feature in their colours the Peugeot 208, driven by Paschalis Chatzimarkos, who participates in the "EKO Acropolis Rally" 2022.

More specifically, Gelasakis Group of Companies, which is the Master Franchisee of Carwiz for Greece; and Let's Drive, which was the starting point for the Group’s activity in the car rental sector - Rent a Car - 30 years ago, are sponsoring the participation of Paschalis Chatzimarkos with a Peugeot 208 in the category of the emblematic race, with two-wheeled Rally 4 spec cars.

"It is of great pleasure and pride that the Gelasakis Group participates in the largest rally race, the "ECO Rally Acropolis" 2022, supporting the participation of Paschalis Chatzimarkos with a Peugeot 208" comments Ioannis Daskalakis, who is an executive in the car rental sector of Gelasakis Group, and further states: "From our side, we are strengthening a historic event with millions of friends around the world, which highlights the unique beauty of the Greek landscape. The Gelasakis Group, with a long-standing presence in the car rental sector - Rent a Car - and through Let's Drive, but also with a distinctive mark in the Greek tourism industry, believes that the most difficult and demanding race of the FIA World Rally Championship sends a unique message about the insurmountable beauty of the country's mountainous landscape. At the same time, it offers to the spectators - who have the opportunity to experience the race in-person, and also to the millions of TV viewers - impressive images of the demanding special courses, and a dynamic and multidimensional experience with motorsport as the protagonist.”

Mr Daskalakis, executive in the car rental sector of Gelasakis Group

Mr Daskalakis, executive in the car rental sector of Gelasakis Group

In addition, Gelasakis Group considers that the "EKO Acropolis Rally" is an ideal opportunity to highlight the importance of road safety in our everyday life. "After all, safe driving is a structural element of culture" notes Mr. Daskalakis, underlining at the same time that the timing is excellent, as Mr. Chatzimarkos leads the panhellenic hill-climb championship with a difference from the 2nd; and is expected to be the champion.
Furthermore, Paschalis Chatzimarkos highlights the contribution of Gelasakis Group in its effort in the most emblematic rally race.
"I am proud that the Gelasakis Group has trusted me, so that we stride together in a unique car route, through rugged mountains and difficult roads. Through synergies, we prove that everything is possible, which is a guide not only for motor-sport enthusiasts like us, but also for such a dynamic business like Gelasakis Group, which always aims for the top."

A few words about Gelasakis Group of Companies
Gelasakis Group is a private group of companies based in Greece and has business activities all over the world.
Its activities are focused on three main sectors - tourism, maritime services and hospitality - and is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable services, while emphasizing on sustainable business development.
The Group’s vision for success is about cultivating a beneficial working environment, developing and consolidating strong business partnerships and responsible investment for the benefit of local communities.

The Carwiz team of Gelasakis Group

The Carwiz team of Gelasakis Group


Carwiz is one of the largest car rental companies - Rent a Car - in the world, with a presence in a total of 39 countries. Through the innovation and utilization of modern sales channels, Carwiz has demonstrated an impressive growth rate in recent years. In Greece, it started its presence in 2018 with Gelasakis Group as the exclusive partner.

Paschalis Chatzimarkos
Paschalis Chatzimarkos was born in Nigrita of Serres in 1988. His love for car racing started at a very young age, and at the young age of 17, he started to participate in amateur kart races. Car racing has been his favourite activity since then, and he serves the sport with respect and eagerness until today.

In 2021, he participated in 4 races of the Panhellenic Hill-Climb Championship, taking 2nd place overall. Moreover, he appeared for the first time in a Gravel Rally race (gravel) of the Panhellenic Championship, which was held in Corinth, and impressed with his performance by conquering the 2nd place. In the end of the same year, he participated in one additional car race, the Tarmac Rally (asphalt), driving a factory Peugeot Rally 4 racing car, winning the 1st place in his class (front-wheel drive) by a long time difference from the 2nd, while in the overall class (four-wheel drive) he was ranked 3rd.

The “EKO Acropolis Rally” 2022
The "EKO Rally Acropolis" 2022 will be held from September 8th to 11th, and will be covered by journalists, photographers, reporters, and numerous cameras from all over the world, and will be broadcast live in 92 countries, and also via the Internet. According to the latest research, it is a race that resonates with 75 million viewers worldwide. In September, the “EKO Acropolis Rally" is held for the second consecutive year in Greece, in the context of the FIA World Rally Championship.