Getaways to Cyclades

Escape in just one to two hours from Athens to the Greek islands!
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Travel to the Cycladic islands, the most famous group of islands in Europe. Stroll around traditional villages with whitewashed houses and sky-blue windows, beautiful arched paths and cobbled-stone alleys. The long branches of purple bougainvillea will offer you natural shadow until you choose the best spot to enjoy the deepest sunset over the Aegean. Explore beaches that have been awarded with Blue Flags. Discover coasts with golden sand or white pebbles and turquoise waters. Millions of tourists visit the Cycladic beauties every year to enjoy eating at little tavernas by the sea, do water sports, take part in festivals, see UNESCO monuments and meet the hospitable locals. Book ferry tickets through Let's Ferry and discover the stunning Cyclades over and over again!

Bougainvilleas in greek island
Bougainvilleas in Greek island

Kythnos, the island with 99 beaches
Just one hour and a half away from the ports of Athens, Kythnos is the island of simplicity and hospitality. Kythnos is also known as the island with the 99 beaches; the most famous of them being Kolona where a strip of sand separates the sea in the middle.

Chora in Kythnos
Chora in Kythnos

However, apart from the picturesque coves with the crystal clear waters, the visitor will be enchanted by the town of Kythnos with the intense Cycladic color, but also the traditional settlement of Dryopida with the tiled houses.

Serifos the authentic Cycladic island
With a trip duration of only two hours from Piraeus you can taste the wild beauty of Serifos. For sea lovers, Serifos offers an impressive variety of beaches. Thin pebbles, mild sandy beaches and rocky shores coexist on the island with small and large bays. For adventure lovers, some are accessible by picturesque paths and some by sea. While for those who just want to relax and enjoy their food and drink overlooking the sea or the beautiful Cycladic houses, the options will definitely not disappoint.

Church in Serifos
Church in Serifos

Andros, the "most beautiful in the world"
Just two hours away from Athens is Andros, the island which according to Andreas Empirikos is the most beautiful island in the world. The characterization of the greek poet is not accidental. In Andros, the second largest island of the Cyclades, the visitor can find everything. High mountains, ravines, rivers, waterfalls, extremely rich flora and fauna and of course beautiful beaches and traditional settlements. A weekend alone is not enough to catch a glimpse of the sights of Andros, but it will feel like you have been away from the city for weeks.

Chora in Andros
Chora in Andros