3+1 Green Greek islands for sustainable travelling

Green is in fashion. Discover the greenest islands, learn all about island sustainable development and plan your next trip. 3+1 magnificent destinations are taking eco-friendly steps, towards a better future and are waiting for you by integrating sustainability into your life.
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Do you ever dream about having super powers? Imagine being able to travel wherever you want without expenses, effort but more importantly without harming the environment. But since this cannot happen at the moment and since we will continue travelling the traditional way let's find out how we may change our ways by incorporating green energies and travelling in a more sustainable way. Discover all the Green Greek islands for your holidays!

Greece is a country with long history and natural beauty. Like most countries, Greece follows the innovations which can help to protect the environment through sustainable development. Every year, more and more sustainable travelers aspire to travel sustainably, joining the trending global eco chain of sustainable travel and green tourism. The Greek coastal destinations attract many tourists annually. Therefore, in order to preserve the environmental integrity and bring to a wider level the so-called and promising "Green Development" the creation of ecological islands remains a priority.

 Beach Logaras, ParosBeach Logaras, Paros

Many Greek islands are declared eco friendly by taking initiatives and strategies which aid the sustainable tourism growth. This way they play the part on the environmental awakening.

Among the top destinations are some of our "green" islands that stand out for their natural beauty and ecological footprint like Astypalaia, Tilos, Leipsoi, Chalki and Paros. However, the efforts for a better green tomorrow continue to be a primary issue.


View of Chora, FolegandrosView of Chora, Folegandros

Along with Skyros, the charming, romantic island of the Cyclades with its pristine beauty and heavenly beaches is considered a key pillar of global ecological development and is included in the list of the top 100 green destinations worldwide according to Green Destinations magazine. With the innovative program for the protection and management of water resources "Zero Drop" it pioneers nationwide, with the aim of abolishing water scarcity on the island, conquering the zero loss of the most important natural asset. Through this project, Folegandros has managed to save annually millions of liters of water, solving once and for all the island's water scarcity, especially during the hot months of high season. As it seems, the next energy challenge will be that of water where Folegandros has already played an important part. Book your ferry tickets to Folegandros from Let's Ferry. Admire the view from Chora, the city center, and enjoy the crystal clear waters and pristine beaches of the island.


Portara in NaxosPortara in Naxos

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades but this is not the only reason why this island is so famous. Attracting travelers from all over the world, the well-known Cycladic island with its rich history, interesting cultural heritage, picturesque villages and beautiful sandy beaches, is also an important part of the Greece's green development. With several international distinctions, along with Ios and some other islands, it is among the top destinations for those who want to travel sustainably and enjoy an eco friendly travel experience. Naxos strives for change and turns towards other forms of tourism such as hiking, cycling, smarter water resources management and tree planting. But the list does not end there. The placement of 4 large recycling units on the Cycladic islands, opens the way for new tactics which will take us one step closer to a better tourism industry in the future. Smarter marina management, electronic sensors for parking and waste bins, as well as drones for medicine transportation, are proof that Naxos has rightfully won one of the most important awards for sustainability. Get your tickets to Naxos with Let's Ferry. With routes from Piraeus or from Heraklion port, you can enjoy your holidays in one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean.


The windmills in AstypalaiaThe windmills in Astypalaia

Although it will mislead you since it looks like a Cycladic island, Astypalaia belongs to the Dodecanese. The Aegean butterfly, as it is called due to its shape, is a pioneer in sustainability and innovates in the field of energy. Electric vehicles, instead of the traditional means of transport, were introduced to the local transportation. Charging stations for electric cars, hybrid power plants and solar parks with batteries were installed. From Piraeus and from  many other ports, Astypalaia makes island hopping a reality. Admire the view from the Venetian Castle and discover cosmopolitan and private beaches with crystal clear waters. Find all available routes on the Let's Ferry website.


Kolimbithres Beach in ParosKolimbithres Beach in Paros

Paros, beautiful and popular, with wonderful Aegean colors, idyllic landscapes and delicious local specialties is among the top islands with an ecological awakening with actions that do not go unnoticed. Aside from the island's well-known attractions, cosmopolitan side and wonderful beaches, you will find an extensive network of trails. With long hiking trails, recycling programs and projects for the marine protection, Paros makes the best use of its strengths. Its cultural heritage and natural wealth, upgrade its tourist identity. For routes from Piraeus and ferry tickets at the best prices, visit Let's Ferry.

Traveling in a green way

Agios Georgios Beach, NaxosAgios Georgios Beach, Naxos

There is always a way to add some green colour in your life and especially to your travels. Choose  eco friendly ferry lines which provide e-tickets and reduce paper waste. Travel by ferry and not by plane to reduce gas emissions and energy. In case you are planning a road trip on the islands prefer a hybrid, an electric car or even a bike. Choose among a variety of green lodgings with regard to the environment.

Discover the green Greek islands and become a fan of sustainable tourism. This summer, green is your colour!