Ikaria: What to see and do on the most "rock&roll" Aegean island

The island is located in the North Aegean and the most popular thing to discover in Ikaria is the way of life. Before you reach the island, the locals advise you to leave your stress at the port.
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They say that in Ikaria you will find the secret of well-being and longevity. That's why during the summer it is packed with tourists, while some of the island's houses have reopened to accommodate digital nomads, professionals from around the world who have the ability to work from wherever they want. The island is located in the North Aegean and the most popular thing to discover in Ikaria is the way of life.
Whether you want to dance for days, or take pictures at the beaches in Ikaria that look like postcards, the only sure thing is that you will not get bored for a moment. If you want to go to Ikaria, you will find ferry tickets at Let's Ferry. Here you will see itineraries, prices and you will be able to make online reservations as well as your web check in.

In Ikaria for traditional feasts (panygiria)

Ikarian night life is characterized by festivals. More than 80 events per year are held here, on the occasion of anniversaries and religious holidays. Their cultural value is so great that they have been filed in the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece. Most, however, take place during the "high season", July 20 - August 17, almost every day, in all areas of Ikaria.

The village Evdilos in Ikaria

The village Evdilos in Ikaria

Some of the best known ones are:
• July 17, feast of Agia Marina - anniversary of the Ikarian Revolution, Agios Kirikos, Ikaria
• July 20, feast of Prophet Elias, Evdilos, Ikaria
• July 20, feast of Prophet Elias, Raches, Ikaria
• August 15, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Lagada, Ikaria
• August 27, feast of Agios Fanourios, Vrachades, Ikaria

At all the fests you will try the local red wine, as well as goat and fresh fish plates. The shops in the surrounding areas close earlier so that everyone can attend. Whether you know how to dance or not, Ikarian dance will give you an unforgettable experience, in the wildest festivals of the Aegean.

The way of life in Ikaria

Before you reach the island, the locals advise you to leave your stress at the port. The islanders live for many years, more than Europeans and Americans, because they are calm, without any care in the world. At the same time, the Mediterranean diet, exercise, contact with nature, sociability and an everyday friendly mood offer Ikarian people an exceptional quality of life. Once you get in the mood, you will feel refreshed.

Traditional fests in Ikaria

Traditional fests in Ikaria

In Ikaria the beaches are unique

In Ikaria a map is absolutely necessary in order to visit the beaches. Especially in August, however, the weather in Ikaria is characterized by the meltemia winds of the Aegean. Consult meteorological applications such as Meteo for Ikaria and see when and where the winds blow each day.

See the best beaches in Ikaria here!

The best of the beaches and one of the most beautiful in the Aegean is Seychelles in Ikaria. With pebbles and rocks, unorganized, its waters have the colors of the Caribbean. You can reach it either by boat from Agios Kirikos, or by walking for about 10 minutes through a rough path. It is a very small beach and in August you will struggle to find a place to spread your towel.


You will descend about 50 steps to reach a creek. There you will find a tavern for small essentials, but also to drink your ouzo after your swim. Watch out on days when there are strong winds, the currents in the sea are strong.

The sandy beach Nas in Ikaria

The sandy beach Nas in Ikaria


It is the most cosmopolitan beach of Ikaria. It is located north of the island and can be reached by local bus or by car. Next to it is Livadi which is organized and with a long coastline. Behind the beach is a small lake, which makes the landscape even more impressive. Armenistis in Ikaria is an area with many taverns, cafes and places to stay.


For many, Mesakti in Ikaria is the best beach on the island. The waters have unique shades of blue and green while the sand is golden. At the edge of the coast is the small church of the Ascension, in Gyaliskari. It is located near Evdilos and it is organized, with a beach bar.

The sandy beach Mesakti in Ikaria

The sandy beach Mesakti in Ikaria

The sights in Ikaria

Make a list of the must-see places in various settlements of Ikaria!
• The Holy Monastery of Evaggelismos (Mounde), in Raches, Ikaria.
• The Great Dam of Ikaria, in the village of Pezi in Lagada.
• The Afianes Winery in Raches, Ikaria. Here you will taste famous local wines such as Begleri and Fokiano.

The Holy Monastery of Saint Theoktisti Lesvia in Ikaria

The Holy Monastery of Saint Theoktisti Lesvia in Ikaria

• The Holy Monastery of Saint Theoktisti Lesvia, in the village of Pigi, in Raches, Ikaria. Do not forget to try the delicious vegetable pie served here in the monastery!
• Drakospilo is a cave near the village of Perdiki.
• The Cave of Raos Houtra, near the village of Petropouli.
• Arethousa is located in the center of Ikaria. It is an ideal place for hiking and to see the arboretum forest.
•The traditional settlement of Akamatra has excellent architecture.

Go shopping in Christos village

If you want to live a unique experience, visit the village of Christos in Ikaria. Here the shops have their own opening hours and customer service is slow. The urban way of life is a foreign concept here, no one is in a hurry and everything is done on its own time. The shops open in the afternoon, as during the day the owners look after their land.

The village Agios Kirikos in Ikaria

The village Agios Kirikos in Ikaria

What do people on Ikaria eat?

Ikarian cuisine is especially known for its delicacies. Do not leave the island without trying the Sufiko of Ikaria, greens pie, lemon rako and kathoura, a traditional goat cheese. Every meal in Ikaria is accompanied by wine.

Traditional food in Ikaria

Sufiko, the traditional food in Ikaria

Day trips from Ikaria to Fourni

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Fourni Korseon, an island complex that brings you even closer to nature. The inhabitable islands Fourni  and Thymaina have not been disturbed by mass tourism. Fishing, swimming, diving are some of the experiences you will have on these islands. To go from Ikaria to Fourni you will take a boat either from Armenistis or from Agios Kirikos.

Agios Kirikos Church in Ikaria

Agios Kirikos Church in Ikaria

For hot baths in Ikaria

Experience a special treat on the beach of Therma in Ikaria, at the Hydrotherapy Cave. In these thermal baths you will find a hot tub and a Turkish bath, while the surrounding area is highly developed. It is located very close to the town of Ikaria.

How to get to Ikaria?

Ikaria has two access ports. Evdilos serves the north side of the island and Agios Kirikos the south. The two ports are about an hour drive away from each other. The trip Piraeus - Ikaria lasts 7.5 hours while if you start from Thessaloniki, it lasts about 20 hours. The airport in Ikaria is located in the village of Faros. On the island you will find KTEL buses, ATM, supermarket, gas stations, pharmacies, taxis, etc. An alternative mode of transportation is hitchhiking that is common during the tourist season. Finally, there are many options for renting a car.

Take an alternative vacation in Ikaria, where time stops and nature offers you unique images with untouched secret spots. If you want to travel to Ikaria by boat, see itineraries and book ferry tickets at Let's Ferry.