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Through Greece by a camper

This year, plan a completely different holiday, and go on road trips as well as island hopping on a camper! Find out here everything you need to know about travelling with a camper!
Through Greece by a camper

Travelling with a trailer camper or motorhome, also known as a camper van, has been a growing trend amongst hipster Europeans. In recent years, now that our travel habits are changing and holiday-goers seek independence rather than mingling with the crowds, a growing number of people are turning their backs on the traditional way of vacationing and looking for new solutions. This is probably why the demand for campers has increased both among families and groups.
Here at Let's Ferry you will find ferry tickets to Greece and abroad, so you can organize your dream caravan holiday.

Camper in Crete

How do I get a camper?

You can rent or buy it - that depends on your needs. If you travel often and this type of vacation suits you perfectly, then you can find used ones in good condition even for €30,000. If you still want to try it out or you need it for a few days during the year, then it is better to just rent one. The prices, depending on the demand and the time period you choose, ranging from €130-180 per day. Many companies have offers and discounts depending on when and for how long you will travel with the camper. With a fast search on the internet, you will find offers that suit you, depending on how many members your family or group has, the comforts you are looking for, etc. Another alternative is for people who already have a van. In that case, you can just make the needed modifications and convert it into a camper, giving it a new life and purpose!

A camper in a greek island

Does driving a camper need a special license?

Yes, since driving it is more demanding than a car. However, if you rent or buy a motorcar, you don't need a special license, the one you have is enough to drive your camper.

What are the advantages of using a camper?

For those who need a break from their everyday, urban life, it is the ideal type of holiday:
• You are free from bus and train schedules. If a place suits you, you can stay there longer, or else you just leave without worrying about changing your tickets and cancelling your room reservations.
• You can stay wherever you want, without paying for expensive accommodation, especially during the high season. This also allows you extended vacations.
• Go island hopping, wherever a car can go.
• The boat ticket for a camper is the same as for any type of vehicle.
• You discover nature, hidden beaches, green forests and (respecting the environment) you get to know pure and untouched spots better than any other vacationer.
• In the camper you can have all the comforts you want: a comfortable bed, toilet, kitchen, fridge, table, chairs, etc. The more the budget, the better the comforts.
• Even in the heart of the high summer season, you can go to places that are crowded and rooms are already booked. No reservations, no advance payments.
• You don't have to pack your suitcase every time you go to a new destination.
• You can take as many things as you want with you, even your bike or SUP.
• Save money from cafes and restaurants and make everything yourself in your kitchen.

Palaiochora village in Crete

What are the disadvantages of a camper?

If you are used to comforts and you find it difficult to adapt to new conditions, then:
• The space of a camper might feel too small, especially if there are more than 2 people travelling together.
• You will have to do all the work by yourself, while hotels have room service!
• You will have to drive slower, so you need more time to cover each distance.

When can I travel with a camper?

Whenever you want, since they also have heating and you can enjoy your holidays both during summer and winter. Some motorhomes also have a heated floor for extra coziness points.

Agios Pavlos beach in Rethymnon

Where can I travel with a camper?

Wherever would you also travel with your car:
• Easily and comfortably, around mainland Greece. If you also want a nearby escape from Athens, Evia with has a lot to offer, like green waters and beautiful routes.
• In the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete, the Sporades complex, the Ionian and some Argosaronic islands. Before heading to the smaller islands you should check if it is allowed to go with a camper.
• Travel abroad with the help of Let's Ferry. Head to Europe by ferry, leaving from the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa to Italy. Many French and Italian tourists come to Greece in their campers, and spend their summers exploring the beauties of the country.

Where do you spend the night in a camper?

According to the legislation, self-driven vehicles are allowed to park in any street. But the main point is to feel safe. Seclusion is nice, but at night you need to be in a place where you feel no danger. The best solution is to rent a spot in a campsite. Abroad you will find several camper parking sites, where you can book a spot beforehand. Camper stops in Europe accommodate more than 20,000 campers!

Spending a night in the camper

In Greece there are few parking spaces and a small number of available caravans, but there is a great desire for further future development. This year, plan a completely different holiday, go on road trips as well as island hopping on a camper and book ferry tickets from Let's Ferry!