3 irresistible island destinations close to Thessaloniki

Explore the islands close to Thessaloniki and visit the most stunning locations in the Aegean Sea. The essential components for your upcoming favorite vacations include pristine landscapes, glistening waters, and a festive atmosphere.
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Thessaloniki is not only the capital of the North and the city that never sleeps, but it is also the place you always want to visit again and again. It serves as a special starting point for journeys that present captivating images and novel feelings. From the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala, and Alexandroupolis, arrange a tour to the northern Aegean islands and the Sporades. Purchase your Let's Ferry tickets today to experience the unimaginable beauty of the North.

Thessaloniki - Sporades

Book your tickets from Let's Ferry and travel to the stunning Sporades from Thessaloniki. If you enjoy the outdoors and the ocean, explore the emerald waters, the lacy beaches, take some time off from work or other obligations, enjoy the scenery and good food, go diving in lovely hidden bays, go swimming with dolphins, and explore the area's rich seabed.


The alleys of AlonnisosThe alleys of Alonnisos

Alonissos is a haven for rare birds and the Mediterranean monk seal or else monachus monachus thanks to its beautiful colors and the harmony it conveys to the visitor. You will be mesmerized by Alonissos heavenly shores, emerald waters, and regional specialties. Pick up some fresh fish and walnut pie, or Alonnisos cheese pie. Visit the Marine Park of Alonissos, North Sporades, and stroll along Chora's winding cobbled streets among the stone-built homes to learn everything you don't know about this type of seal.


The town of SkyrosThe town of Skyros

The island of Skyros is a unique fusion of the Sporades' atmosphere and the Cyclades' island vibe. Because of the thick vegetation that reaches the waves, it combines the magic of nature with a wilder beauty that resembles an Aegean island. Skyros is the perfect destination for a peaceful family vacation because it offers clear waters for swimming, golden sand beaches, and dreamy landscapes that will enthrall both the group's nature enthusiasts and those who are not. Visit the Byzantine Castle, go bird-watching in its verdant forests, and go shopping or learn about pottery making at the renowned Scythian workshops. You can get a close-up view of the renowned small Scythian horses in Skyros, which are unique to the country. A wide variety of cultural activities, unforgettable hiking trails, and don't forget to take a boat ride to the sea caves with stunning stalactites among the rocks close to the harbor are all located on the island.


Panoramic sea view from SkiathosPanoramic sea view from Skiathos

The ideal vacation spot for people of all ages is Sporades, a charming town with a diverse population and a haven for nightlife. This summer, strolls through the charming alleyways, peace, tranquility, and fun will make up for your decision. Skiathos will win your heart because of its cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses with tile roofs, and picturesque harbor. Visit the Papadiamantis' house, the Venetian fortress ruins in Bourtzi, the castle's breathtaking view, and the island's 60 pristine beaches, of course. Choose Koukounaries, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, Banana and Megali Ammos, Achladies, as well as Lalaria, one of the most famous in Greece. With 25 hiking trails to discover the pristine natural environment, Skiathos will give you a holistic recreational experience to remember.


The breathtaking view of SkopelosThe breathtaking view of Skopelos

A well-known tourist destination worldwide, Skopelos, is best known for its role in the Hollywood film Mama Mia. Tour the lovely old town, climb the steps to the Venetian castle, and stroll around the island's amphitheatrical Chora with its cobbled streets and picturesque homes. Visit the Folklore Museum, which houses exhibits on the history and customs of the island, as well as the renowned church of Agios Ioannis, which gained fame for its 106 steps thanks to the movie. Numerous couples wanted to be united in holy matrimony at this chapel with its breathtaking view after the film's screening. One-day cruises in the heavenly waters would be a wonderful idea to visit the stunning Sporades islands, which are connected to one another by boats.

Samothrace (from Alexandroupoli)

Samothrace is a captivating and enigmatic location with untamed beauty and a significant history that dates back millennia. It is one of the most genuine places to visit in Greece and is situated in the North Aegean between Thrace and Lesvos. The legendary statue of the Victory of Samothrace, which now adorns the Louvre Museum, was originally housed in the Samothrace Temple Complex, a temple dedicated to the gods Cabeiri. Samothrace has a long history that dates back to antiquity. Many people think that this temple, which was built on top of a hill, is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the entire world. The spiritual significance of the temple in ancient society is demonstrated by a number of secret and ritual objects that have been uncovered during archaeological excavations. The ancients used every part of the island as a point of reference and a source of inspiration, making it a hub of cultural exchange. Of course, the archaeological site of the Temple Complex, the Gattilusi Tower, the Fonias Tower, the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, and the Panagia Krimniotissa are some of the sights worth seeing in Samothrace.

The Temple of the Great Gods in SamothraceThe Temple of the Great Gods in Samothrace

The island offers the perfect fusion of charm and archaeological treasures thanks to its stunning natural features, which include waterfalls gushing from rocky mountains, beaches with clear waters, and dense forests. In addition to its culture, Samothrace is well known for its traditions. According to legend, the friendly locals welcome guests and include them in celebrations and community activities. Traditional festivities feature dances, music, and performances that preserve the region's rich cultural heritage. Samothrace's distinctive feature is its local cuisine. Even the pickiest eaters will be satiated by the mouthwatering traditional dishes made with local meats and fresh sea vegetables.Try the spicy gruyère, dry cheese, spit-roasted goat, oil-wrapped goat, haslama sweet with syrup before you leave. Samothrace presents exceptional opportunities for hiking and exploration for those who love the outdoors. There are trails that wind through the stunning mountainous terrain of the island and take hikers to locations with panoramic views, flowing water, impressive pedestals, and undiscovered beaches. Divers and kayakers alike can take pleasure in the Aegean Sea's crystal-clear waters. On the island of Samothrace, diving in the pedestals (natural pools) is a must-do activity, but you can also find unusual beaches to soak up the sun and the sea. Vatos beach is the place to go if you want to unwind and rest by the water, and you can only get there by boat. It is one of the most impressive beaches on the island with its white sand, emerald waters, and trees. The busiest beach in Samothrace is Pahia Ammos, and for good reason. You can enjoy diving here from morning until night thanks to the golden sand, the turquoise waters, the lush vegetation, and the intense organization. At Kipi, you will finally discover a tranquil beach with gray pebbles. Enjoy the sea with the privacy you seek and admire the most beautiful sunset on the island.

You can still see the original character of the stone houses and alleys in the villages of Samothrace, which feature the traditional architecture. Samothrace is that island where there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is a must-visit location for an unforgettable travel, adventure, and discovery experience because it combines archaeology, natural beauty, cultural heritage, and hospitality.

Regular itineraries connect Samothrace to mainland Greece from the port of Alexandroupolis, and the trip takes less than two hours.

Lemnos from Kavala

Welcome to Lemnos, a mystical and unique location in the Aegean Sea. It is perfect for high-quality excursions because it is hidden from prying eyes and crowds. Explore the amazing island, where culture and history coexist with stunning natural scenery. This location and its energy will enchant you and give you an unforgettable vacation thanks to its crystal clear waters, picturesque villages, and warm hospitality. Start your tour in Myrina, the island's capital, which features quaint cobblestone streets and a castle with a stunning view of the harbor. Discover the charming towns with their magnificent stone structures, which will provide you with stunning scenery and a variety of attractions. Lemnos is a region rich in archeological sites that are worth visiting. The ruins of the ancient city of Hephaestia can be seen at Filaretos, while the Sanctuary of Kaviria at Cape Chloe is a significant local attraction. Visit the Myrina Archaeological Museum to learn about the island's past, and the Folklore Museum to discover the customs and culture of the region.

Port in LemnosPort in Lemnos

You can also enjoy the three-lake wetland near Kontopouli in Lemnos, which is a part of the Natura 2000 network. For those who are unaware, Lemnos has some of the best beaches in the Aegean, including the renowned golden sand beaches that awe tourists. One of the busiest beaches is Platy, which has velvety sand, is broad and shallow, has beach bars, and is thought to be perfect for a range of activities. Gomati, a beach with organized facilities and shallow waters close to the Ammothines, is perfect for family outings and private beach time. When the wind increases, it turns into the perfect location for kite-boarding. Due to the heavenly-colored water and fine golden sand, Zematas Beach is among the most well-known on the island and is perfect for endless hours of swimming and sunbathing by the waves. You can unwind at the organized beach bar there and play beach volley or participate in water sports if you'd like. Lemnos is a destination for gastronomic delights in addition to a place to unwind on vacation.

Explore the islands close to Thessaloniki and visit the most stunning locations in the Aegean Sea. The essential components for your upcoming favorite vacations include pristine landscapes, glistening waters, and a festive atmosphere. Get Let's Ferry tickets today. Post-ferry to the dream, easily and simply!