Let's Ferry is gold again!

Using reliability and targeted knowledge in the tourism industry Let's Ferry won the Gold Award for the second consecutive year.
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The PEAK Performance Marketing Awards 2021, the business awards organized for the 5th year by BOUSSIAS, with the support of Google, took place on Wednesday, September 15th, in order to highlight the most effective and innovative practices in Performance Marketing.

Pioneering, high performance and inspiring ideas were honored at the PEAK Performance Marketing Awards 2021. And this at a time when agencies and companies are accelerating their pace, aiming for their full exit from the pandemic. As part of the award ceremony, at Kellari Papachristou in Peania, a total of 22 companies were awarded, which, with their over-performance, contributed the most this year to the growth of the market.

The nominations were evaluated by a Jury consisting of 45 renowned executives from Greece and abroad, chaired by Panos Basios, Digital, Data & Analytics Director at MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

Despite this difficult period for the tourism industry, Let’s Ferry has invested heavily in new technologies and especially in digital marketing, thus winning the Gold Award in the category "Best Performance in Travel and Tourism". This distinction comes to seal an already successful partnership so far with Omnicliq, a leading company of digital strategy consultants.

The Golden Award won by Let’s Ferry highlights the company’s extroversion and export activity as well as its effectiveness in overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic. Using reliability, targeted knowledge in the tourism industry and technological advancement, we managed to win the Gold Award for the second consecutive year.