Three cycladic islands ideal for short escapes!

Greek islands are ideal, even for short three-day, breaks.
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Summer is finally here and we have already started thinking about how to escape from our difficult daily life and enjoy a well deserved rest on a nearby island. Greek islands are ideal, even for short three-day, breaks. If you want to dive in beautiful blue waters, explore picturesque villages or simply enjoy a traditional greek salad and ouzo under the sun, you only need to book cheap ferry tickets to the Greek islands through Let's Ferry. Below you can find three islands ideally for short escapes.


The beautiful Chora of Andros.
The beautiful Chora of Andros

Just two hours from the Port of Rafina, Andros is ideal for short getaways. Picturesque villages, natural springs, valleys with vineyards and enchanting beaches, compose a unique setting. Andros, in addition to the classic summer pleasures, also offers a somewhat different experience since it is also the island of adventure.
So after you are full of sandy beaches in all shades of blue (Achla, Vitali, Zorkos and Chrysi Ammos) take off your flip flops and wear your mountaineering boots for:
Pithara Waterfalls. Starting from Apikia, you follow a path of wild greenery to a mystical place where waterfalls, lakes and aquatic life thrive.
Dipotamata, which is not just a river, it's a 7km oasis full of watermills, stone bridges and wild flora extending from Sineti and Palaiokastro to Kochilou.
“Foros” Cave, 4 klms from Chora. To reach the first cave discovered in Greece, you cross a 1680 old bride, follow a cobblestone path through a forest full of oaks, wild pear trees, pines and olive trees–plus you get a great view of Aladinou village!


The blue crystal waters of Tinos island
The blue crystal waters of Tinos island

An impressive island, where in just three days, you can see not one, not two but 52 whole villages! If you have to choose only one, the village of Isternia, or as the locals call it “the Caldera of Tinos”. A picturesque village famed for its food, its architecture and a great meeting place that apart from refreshing beverages and a big menu of mouthwatering mezedes (local delicacies), it serves the best view to the Aegean Sea and close islands.
Tinos is equally suitable for relaxation but also for adventure. From the popular scuba diving and windsurfing to the less known climbing in Exomvourgo mountain, bouldering in Volax village, and the Venetian hiking trail, Tinos has it all. Zen lovers can join some of the most well acclaimed yoga retreats throughout the year. Tinos will captivate you with its unique beauty that combines history, flavors and culture.

Syros, a floating oasis

Syros island is so beautiful with great view
Syros island is so beautiful with great view

Half Orthodox, half Catholic. Half neoclassical, half Cycladic. Half cosmopolitan, half wild and secluded. Syros combines all contrasts of the Greek landscape in the most magnificent way. The capital of Cyclades is a vibrant island, offering the best holiday experience all year round.
Syros will captivate you for:
The historic Miaouli square where you can enjoy a glass of wine at the surrounding bars and bistros. Bonus: The imposing Town Hall which was designed by Ernst Ziller.
The Opera also known as the Apollo Municipal Theatre, a miniature replica of La Scala di Milan. Syros is the only Cycladic island that has an opera house hosting significant cultural events.
The glamorous area of Vaporia with the elegant houses owned by captains and the natural pool at Asteria, the perfect place to relax enjoying signature cocktails and lounge music.
Ano Syros is a medieval labyrinth with narrow alleys and traditional small shops that lead to the Vamvakari square. Enjoy the view to the port from above, eat “loukoumi” (a local dessert) and ask locals to tell you the history of the song “Fragkosyriani”.
And after Hermoupolis, what? The picturesque villages, of course! Explore Vari, a seaside village, the fish village Kini and Azolimnos with the crystal shallow waters. Galissas is the most organized beach, with facilities for people with disabilities and even a lifesaving automatic external defibrillator. Posidonia is an exotic village with palm trees and rocky San Michali in Ano Meria offers the best local dishes.