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Grimaldi Lines

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A few words about Grimaldi Lines

The history of Grimaldi Lines began in Naples after the Second World War and is inextricably linked with the name of Achille Lauro, although the founders of the Group are the brothers Luigi, Mario, Ugo, Aldo and Guido Grimaldi. Around 1850, Gioacchino Lauro from Sorrento founded a joint-stock steamship company, one of the first in Italian shipping. Achille, son of Gioacchino, inherited from his father, two main characteristics: passion for the sea and business sense. In this way, he became the most important European shipowner of the 60s. Amelia Lauro, daughter of Gioacchino and sister of Achille, married Giovanni Grimaldi, a man of culture, but without a naval spirit. It was the female gender that played a fundamental role in the entry of the Grimaldi family into the maritime world, as Amelia was the one who asked her brother to take Guido under his guidance and made her children love the sea. In 1947, the five brothers founded a new shipping company. Along with their years of experience with Achille, they bought the “Orione” (one of the 50 Liberty ships that the US sold to Italy after the war to help it rebuild its fleet) and started their maritime freight business. However, that year also saw the peak of transatlantic passenger travel, something that the Grimaldi Brothers noticed in time and rushed to connect the Mediterranean with South America with modern and comfortable ships.

In the early 1960s, the Liberty ships were retired and replaced by modern bulk carriers, which gave a strong boost to freight transport. However, the landmark year for Grimaldi was 1969, when the Grimaldi Brothers started transporting vehicles between Italy and the UK with Ro/Ro ships. This sector was the driving force behind the development of the Grimaldi Group for the next forty years, while the routes soon expanded to routes between Northern Europe and West Africa as well as South America. In the last 15 years, the Group has followed a policy of expansion, both in maritime connections and in its fleet, while also trying to achieve the goal, set by the European Union, for the transport of goods in an environmentally friendly way. This achievement is possible by acquiring leading companies such as Finnlines and Minoan Lines.

Ships & Itineraries

The fleet of Grimaldi Lines consists of the following ships:
• CATANIA, with a capacity of 955 passengers
• CORFU, with a capacity of 950 passengers
• CRUISE AUSONIA, with a capacity of 1821 passengers
• CRUISE BONARIA, with a capacity of 2500 passengers
• CRUISE ROMA, with a capacity of 3500 passengers
• CRUISE BARCELONA, with a capacity of 3500 passengers
• CRUISE SARDEGNA, with a capacity of 2850 passengers
• CRUISE EUROPA, with a capacity of 2850 passengers
• CRUISE SMERALDA, with a capacity of 1528 passengers
• EUROPA PALACE, with a capacity of 1800 passengers
• FLORENCIA, with a capacity of 946 passengers
• IGOUMENITSA, with a capacity of 826 passengers
• CIUDAD DE GRANADA (Trasmed), with a capacity of 1252 passengers
• CIUDAD DE PALMA (Trasmed), with a capacity of 878 passengers
• CIUDAD DE BARCELONA (Trasmed), with a capacity of 1457 passengers
• CUIDAD DE MAHON (Trasmed), with a capacity of 972 passengers
• CIUDAD DE ALCUDIA (Trasmed), with a capacity of 570 passengers
• VENEZIA, with a capacity of 954 passengers
• ZEUS PALACE, with a capacity of 1720 passengers

The above ships operate the following itineraries:

Sardinia Line
Livorno - Olbia - Livorno
Civitavecchia - Porto Torres - Civitavecchia
Civitavecchia - Olbia - Civitavecchia
Naples - Cagliari - Naples
Palermo - Cagliari - Palermo
Civitavecchia - Cagliari - Civitavecchia
Civitavecchia - Arbatax - Civitavecchia

Sicily Line
Livorno - Palermo - Livorno

Greece Line
Brindisi - Igoumenitsa - Brindisi
Brindisi - Corfu - Brindisi
Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
Brindisi - Patras - Brindisi
Ancona - Corfu - Ancona

Spain Line
CivitavecchiaBarcelona - Civitavecchia
Porto Torres - BarcelonaPorto Torres

Balearic Islands Line
Barcelona - Mahón (Minorca) - Barcelona
Barcelona - Palma (Mallorca) - Barcelona
Barcelona - Alcudia (Mallorca) - Barcelona
Valencia - Mahón (Minorca) - Valencia
Valencia - Palma (Mallorca) - Valencia

Tunisia Line
CivitavecchiaTunis - Civitavecchia
SalernoTunis - Salerno


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