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Minoan Lines has been a leading company in the passenger ferry sector since 1972. The company owns a fleet of 7 modern ships and has invested in building high speed ferries of the highest standards. Minoan Lines is inspired by a customer-oriented philosophy and has been receiving the highest rankings in customer satisfaction ever since its first steps in business.

A pioneer in the ferry sector in Greece, the company has gradually replaced old vessels with modern ones. It never stops expanding its commercial network in Greece and abroad. New services ran in Greece and Italy, ensure its competitive advantage.

A dynamic company, Minoan Lines exploits market challenges and investment opportunities via cooperation, buy-outs and mergers due to the constant reshuffling in the Hellenic ferry sector, through the lifting of maritime cabotage and the globalization of the Hellenic ferry sector to new international entries.Minoan Lines is interested in constantly raising the standards of quality, safety and reliability of services provided.

Protection of the marine environment is a priority to Minoan Lines and the company abides by International Regulations (MARPOL), with regular controls and observance.Refuse is collected and separated in special containers and disposed properly via designated waste disposal vehicles in each port of call. Wastewaters are also collected in tanks and are disposed via designated vehicles. Signs are placed at key points on board to discourage passengers from littering the sea. Minoan Lines has an active membership to HELMEPA (Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association).

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