Ferry tickets to Agistri
This tiny island connected to Piraeus by a one-hour route, is the ideal low-budget escape from everyday life pressure – even as a daily excursion!

Agistri, a low-budget escape!


The popular Skala and Chalikiada beach and the remote southern Magiza and Bariama.
Bonus tip: Close to the port of Skala you’ll find a picturesque bay, a great diving spot to the crystal-clear waters.

The small port Skala in Agistri

The small port Skala in Agistri

The exotic Aponisos, a private paradise connected to the island by a strip of land. A cheap ticket will get you access, sunbeds with umbrella and sea games for the little ones!
The green lake Lekani, surrounded by a pine forest. Its rich ecosystem is preserved by waters that stay fresh through a sea canal. You can reach Lekani by a cyclical trail around the lake or by bikes following a route from Limenaria to Aponisos.

The exotic Aponisos

The exotic Aponisos

All-day cycling under the rich shadows of wild pine forests. Keep in mind that bicycles are permitted in all ferry trips charge free.
Camping.On the way to Chalikiada, you will find a green forest, the ideal spot to set up your tent. Free camping is not only legal, but also soul calming and moonlit most of the days. Don’t forget to take with you any garbage as you leave – together with the most precious memories.
Perfectly accommodated for tourists and blessed with the best natural locations for campers, Agistri is the ideal destination for couples and singles as well as for families.

Chalikiada beach

The beach Chalikiada

Tip: Getting to Agistri is easy. Ferries and Hydrofoils leave every day from Piraeus to the two ports of the island.Yes, it may be only 12 square kilometers big, but it has two ports!
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Information about the port of Agistri

Ferries and hydrofoils travel to Agistri from Piraeus daily. Agistri is connected to Aegina with a ten minutes ferry route.

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