Amsterdam (Ijmuiden)

Ferry tickets to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden)
At Amsterdam you can visit more than 75 museums, such as the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and many more famous attractions!

Amsterdam, the port of an aquatic labyrinth

The port of the capital of the Netherlands is in the town of Ijmuiden. This city port is 25 km away from Amsterdam in the North Sea Canal. The port was built in 1876 and since the 13th century it was a refuge for boats that would carry large amounts of fish. Traders started gaining more interest in the area so a bigger port was built. It's the second largest ferry port in the Netherlands and the fourth in Europe.

Many British residents choose to travel with their camper to Amsterdam and continue their exploration to Europe from its port.

At the Ijmuiden port there are many tourist boats that cover daily excursions in the Netherlands. You can also find riverboats, sea taxis as well as “party boats” which you can rent for a special event.

How to get to and from the port of Amsterdam
Travelling by train to and from the port might be complicated and it’s something that usually locals do, rather than tourists. If you definitely want to take the train and reach the port, you must get off at stations Amsterdam Centraal, Haarlem Central, Sloterdijk station or Beverwijk and take the bus to Ijmuiden, and from there then walk or take another bus towards your terminal.

The DFDS company offers its passengers a shuttle transfer from and to the port and the Central Railway Station in Amsterdam. Buses towards the port leave from the Amsterdam Centraal between 15:00-16:00.

You should keep in mind that in Amsterdam you can't buy your ticket by cash on the buses.

There isn't a direct connection to the port from Amsterdam's airport, Schiphol, however you can get there easily: Take the train from the airport, they leave every 10-15 minutes, and then get off at Sloterdijk station and take the 382 bus.

The closest bus stop for ferries at the port is Oranjestraat and the one for cruise boats is Badweg.

Taxi: If you want to travel to Amsterdam by taxi, you will have to book one online. Around the port of Ijmuiden there are just a few taxis, and the ones that are there don't wait outside the port for passengers. The single route to Amsterdam by taxi costs about 80€.

Amsterdam at night

Amsterdam at night

I just arrived at the port of Amsterdam. And now what?

The Felison Terminal is for ferries and the Felison Cruise Terminal is at the cruise port.

The port of Ijmuiden has basic facilities: WC for the disabled, assistance for passengers who need it, and who are advised to ask before they arrive at the port. There is a waiting lounge, TV screens, free Wi-Fi, mini market and snacks' vending machine. At the marina, next to the port, you will find car rental services, cafes and restaurants.

There is a free but unguarded parking space. The DFDS Company has its own, paid parking, for its passengers.

Ijmuiden is a small town with basic facilities like restaurants, super markets, hotels and some attractions. Most of the visitors grab the chance and travel to Amsterdam and its canals.

Some of the most famous attractions in Ijmuiden, the port of Amsterdam are:
• the Lighthouse (Hoge vuurtoren van Ijmuiden)
• the National Park Kennemerland (Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland)
• at the Ship Museum (Sluis Haven Informatie Punt) you will have the chance to see how the world's largest sea lock was built.
• the Forteiland islet where you can see an underground fortress from 1855
• the Naval Museum (Ijmuiden Zee- en Havenmuseum)
• the remains of the Ruïne van Brederode Castle, which was built in the 13th century
• the Ijmuiderstrand beach, with clean waters, sand and water sports facilities.

Haarlem is a town just 12 km from the port, with many medieval buildings. It's an attractive area, as most of Haarlem's landmarks and restaurants are built by the canal. There you will also find the Keukenhof park, which has more than 7 million tulips.

Amsterdam's canals

Amsterdam's canals

Alkmar is a city well known for its cheese market, which was first established in 1593. It's 30 km from the port.

There is no doubt that the final destination of your journey will be the vibrant, modern, sustainable, multicolour capital, Amsterdam. The city has a unique energy that is mainly created by the water and the canals. Whenever you decide to visit, you will find many activities and attractions. The best way to move around is by bike, as the city is not too car-friendly. You can easily use the public means of transport that run very often. Buses run until midnight and there are many night services from 00:30 to 7:00 in the morning, The tram runs until 00:15 and the subway until midnight. A single ticket for all public means of transport costs 3,20€ and lasts for an hour. Check online to see all the available options for travel cards, depending on how long you are planning to stay in the city. The most local way to move around is with a canal boat, day or night, to see the 100-kilometre long canal and its 1500 bridges.

More than 75 museums in Amsterdam as well as exciting activities make the Dutch capital one of the most famous destinations:
• the Anne Frank House is the house where Anne Frank and her family lived for more than 2 years
• the Van Gogh Museum has more than 1,5 million visitors every year
• the Rijksmuseums is one of the most impressive History and Art Museum in the world
• the amazing waterfront Science Museum NEMO that is boat-shaped
• Rembrandtplein is an area full of night clubs
• the coffee shops in which you must be over 18 to get in
• the Red Lights District

Amsterdam is a perfect start to explore nearby European countries. You can easily travel by train and get to Brussels in 2 hours, to Dusseldorf in 3 hours and to Paris in 3,5 hours.

The city of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam

How can I book tickets to and from Amsterdam?
If you want to travel to Amsterdam by boat and discover the options you have after you arrive at the Ijmuiden port, visit Let’s Ferry. See all available routes and book ferry tickets with just few clicks. Make sure you have your passport with you as England, that connects you to Amsterdam, is no longer a part of EU and you can’t travel with a national ID. You are ready to sail to the most laid-back European city!

Information about the port of Amsterdam (Ijmuiden)

Amsterdam to Newcastle
Find all the details you need when you are travelling to the capital of the Netherlands by ferry. The only ferry route that takes place from the port of Ijmuiden is Amsterdam to Newcastle and is delivered by the DFDS Seaways company. There are up to 7 trips per week and they might, sometimes, be affected by the weather conditions. Amsterdam to Newcastle is 16 hours and it’s mostly chosen by travellers who want to continue their journey to Scotland, which is an hour’s drive.

Useful phones, Port of Amsterdam
Port of Amsterdam: +31255546666
Cruise port of Amsterdam: +31 (0)255 545454
Coastguard in Amsterdam: +31255547000
Police in Amsterdam: +319008844
Hospital in Amsterdam: +31232240000
Taxis: +31 255 538 000
Tourism Office in Amsterdam: +31 20 702 60 00