Ferry tickets to Antikythera
Antikythera is located between Crete and Kythira. Its a small island with wild beauty!

Antikythera, where the world’s first computer was discovered

The island is also known as Tsirigoto and became world famous after the finding of the Antikythera Mechanism, described as the oldest example of an analogue computer, used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses. Discover the mysteries of the Antikythera wreck at a green, isolated island. Book cheap ferry tickets to Antikythera with Let’s Ferry.

The small island of Antikythera

Little port with turquoise waters in Antikythera island

Things to see
Potamos, is the port and the largest settlement. Visit The watermill of Andronicus, a well-preserved traditional building from the 19th century.
• In Harhaliana, an area very close to the port, you will find an ancient settlement. Explore the remains of magnificent tombs and stone carved wine presses.
Kastro is where ancient Aigila was built, a fortified, well-preserved town of the Hellenistic period.
Xiropotamos bay was the island’s first port. Don’t miss the nearby Temple of Apollonas.
• The Lighthouse of Apolytaras at the southernmost cape of the island resembles a scenery taken from a fine painting.
Explore this small gem, part of the Eptanese complex and Attica region and its ancient treasures, with cheap ferry tickets to Antikythera through Let’s Ferry.

Kamarela beach in Antikythera

Kamarela beach in Antikythera

Things to do
Bird watching. Antikythera is a place where many migratory birds, like steppe eagles and bluethroats, rest between long journeys.
Swimming in crystal waters with so many shades of blue. The beaches of Xiropotamos, Kamarela and Halara should be on top of your must-go list.
Hiking through the well-maintained trails (one km long).
Mingle with the inhabitants at a local feast. The Patron Saint of Antikythera is Agios Myronas. Every August, on the 16th, people from Crete and Kythira are honoring him with a big feast. The Church is located in Galaniana and is famous for the amazing silver temple and icon of the Saint.

Tip: There are no ATMs or gas stations on the island. The island is connected to Kythira, Piraeus, Kissamos, Neapoli and Gythio. Travel to a virgin destination and avoid big crowds, with low-cost ferry tickets to Antikythera through letsferry.com.

Information about the port of Antikythera

Ships to Antikythera are leaving from the ports of Piraeus, Kissamos, Kythira, Neapoli and Gythio.