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Arbatax, the flower of the Tyrrhenian Sea

It’s the biggest village in the municipality of Tortoli, in the eastern side of Sardinia. Arbatax is at the Capo Bellavista gulf and has plenty of exotic beaches. The main spoken language is Italian but people of Arbatax speak the “sardu”, a roman dialect that is very common here. The name of the village could probably come from the Arabian language and it means “14”, or from the dahlia flower.
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Attractions in Arbatax
• The Tower of Saint Gemiliano (Torre di San Gemiliano) stands in Arbatax since 1600. After you climb a few stairs, you will enjoy an amazing view and an orange sunset.
• Visit the Red Rocks (Rocce Rosse), which are close to the port. It’s one of the most photographed places in the area and below the rocks there is a small beach.
• The biggest and the most prominent church in Arbatax is the Chiesa Parrocchiale di S. Andrea Apostolo. It was built in the 14th century and has a total white interior.

Beaches in Arbatax
Spiaggia di Isula Mana has white, thin sand and some pebbles. The waters are crystalline and parking is free. From this point on starts a big sandy coastline, including the beaches Spiaggia di Iscrixedda and the Spiaggia del Lido delle Rose.
• In a short distance from there you will find the Spiaggia di Pollu, an idyllic sandy beach which is also dog friendly.
Spiaggia di S'Orologiu has golden sand and in some areas it is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.
Cala Birìala is only accessible by boat. It is a secluded beach with green waters.

Activities in Arbatax
Diving at the Mediterranea Diving Arbatax, where you can rent the necessary equipment.
• The Azienda Agricola Pusole winery is one of the best in Sardinia. Visit and taste many wine varieties like the biological.
• Visit climbing or hiking at the Tacchi dell'ogliastra. It’s an amazing hill which has on top a rock made of limestone and dolomite.

Access to Arbatax: You can reach the port by car, taxi or bus. Cagliari’s airport is 145 km from the port.
Cagliari is 130 km from the port. Arbatax to Cagliari is 2 hours by car and 3,5 hours by bus.
Sassari is 190 km from the port. Arbatax to Sassari is 2.5 hours by car and 3 hours by bus.
Olbia is 170 km from the port. Arbatax to Olbia is 2,5 hours by car.

Only in Arbatax: Visit the Nuraghe Serbissi. The nuraghe are the most ancient type of tower in Europe. This tower in Arbatax, is more than 6 metres high and it was built on a cave. The cave had two entries and the tower is surrounded by 8 smaller towers and some small huts, something unusual for a nuraghe stop.

Information about the port of Arbatax

The port is connected to Civitavecchia.
Facilities at the port of Arbatax: ATM, taxi, paid parking, tickets office, car rentals, boat rentals, waiting area, WC.

Useful phones, Arbatax
Port: +390782667093
Hospital: +390782490211
Police: +390782667183

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