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Arrecife, a cliff over the Canary Islands

This seaside town is located in Lanzarote, an island which belongs to the Spanish Canary Islands. In 1847 it became the capital of the island, a title that until then belonged to Teguise. The city’s development came along with the construction of the port. There are almost 60.000 inhabitants here, and although it’s not a crowded tourist destination, it’s an important link between the Canary Islands, Spain and Africa. The port would initially serve fishing boats, today however it’s considered a big cruise station. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean with cheap ferry tickets to Arrecife through Let’s Ferry.

The port of Arrecife

The port of Arrecife

Top attractions
• One of the first things you see when you enter the port is the wreck of Telamon.
• The San Gabriel Castle is on the Islet of the English. The small island is connected to the mainland through a medieval bridge, the Bolas Bridge. The castle was initially wooden, however after the pirates burned it down, it was rebuilt, this time from stone. Today it hosts the Archaeological Museum.
• The National Museum of Contemporary Art is housed at the Castillo de San Jose, which was built in 1779.

Top beaches
Playa Reducto is the most popular, as it is close to the port and the city centre. Its’ sandy, with an idyllic background with palm trees. It is organized, with clear, shallow waters. In a short distance from here you can discover a wooden shipwreck.
Playa de la Concha is secluded and a local favourite. It has a nice view and is 10 km from the port.
Playa Honda is close to the airport and it features many cafés and restaurants. Enjoy walking or cycling at the busy, beautiful promenade.

Top activities
Walk around the seawater lagoon Charco San Gines. Feel the relaxed atmosphere with the fishing boats, the palm trees and many restaurants. In this area there is the same name church.
• Don’t miss the chance to try the Spanish version of doughnuts, the churros, at a canteen or at a churros spot in the city centre.
Visit the Arrecife Gran Hotel, the tallest building in Lanzarote, have some coffee or a drink and enjoy the best city view.

Tip: You can reach the port by car, bus, boat or plane. The Arrecife airport is 11 km away.
Siesta time is between noon and 5 pm and shops may be closed during that time. Travel to the fishing village which grew up to become the third largest trade port, with online booking for cheap ferry tickets to Arrecife through Let’s Ferry.

Information about the port of Arrecife

The port is connected to Cadiz and Tenerife. The facilities you will find at the port are free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, car, bike and motorbike rentals, First Aid station, passengers waiting area, tourism office, bus station, paid parking.