Ferry tickets to Cesme
Cesme is a town on the Turkish coastline right across and very close to Chios. It is part of the Smyrna Prefecture and a very up and coming tourist destination.

Cesme, the glamorous coast of Turkey

With a name that means “fountain”, it’s no wonder this beautiful coastal town was once called “Krini” which is the same word in Greek. Located at the Karaburun peninsula, close to the ancient Greek city of Erythrai, it is only a heartbeat away from Greece, as the harbor is just 8 miles off the coast of Chios island. Together with the neighboring Alatsata district, Cesme has lately become a popular summer destination for the wealthy Turks as well as tourists visiting the country. Explore a city full of fountains with cheap ferry tickets to Cesme through Let’s Ferry.

Cesme's beautiful streets

Cesme's beautiful streets

Must-see attractions
Cesme Castle is found at the port and was built in 1508. It has 4 towers, 2 of which are in front of the sea.
Cesme Museum is right inside the Castle. It hosts findings from the ancient city of Erythrai, which is now called Ildir. It’s 25 km from the port.
Alacati is a famous summer resort, only 10 km from Cesme. Explore this district and its paved alleys full of colourful restaurants and cafes, the renovated windmills, and the Orthodox Church, which is now a mosque.
Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey. It’s 70 km from the port of Cesme and you can easily get there by bus. Stroll at the marina and enjoy shipping at Kemeralti, the big outdoor market.

Must-visit beaches
1,5 km of sandy coast, transparent waters and thermal springs, are waiting for you at:
Ilica Plaji. It’s 10 km from the port and you can easily get there with a dolmus (something between a bus and a cab).
Boyalic Bay is 5 km long, sandy with clear waters. In some parts it is organised and in others it is open to everyone. The beach is just 5 km from the port.
• If you are in a beach party mode, Momo beach is the place for you. It’s 8 km from the port.

Must-do activities
Rent a boat to visit the heavenly Esek island, home to many donkeys. It’s a protected area and visitors are not allowed to stay overnight.
Windsurf at the coast of Alatsata, which every year attracts many surfers.
Kitesurf at Pirlanda beach with thick sand and shallow, emerald waters.

Tip: You can reach Cesme by car, plane, boat or bus. Izmir’s airport is an hour drive from the port. Turkish is the main spoken language but, in some areas, you can hear Greek and English being spoken. The local currency is the Turkish lira. Visit the destination that gazes over the Aegean Sea, with an online booking for cheap ferry tickets to Cesme through Let’s Ferry.

Information about the port of Cesme

The port is connected to Chios. The facilities you will find at the port are taxis, bus, dolmus, ATM, car and scooter rentals, paid parking.

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