Ferry tickets to Donoussa
Donoussa is a little island in the southeastern sides of the Cycladic complex. The island is full of gorgeous secluded small beaches, most of which can only be accessed by boat.

Donoussa, the first plastic free island

Donoussa is a synonym for relaxed summer holidays. It’s also the first Aegean island that banned single use plastic, proving the love of its people for nature. Book cheap ferry tickets to Donoussa through Let’s Ferry.

The Beautiful Church in Donoussa Island

The Beautiful Church in Donoussa Island

The top attractions
Stavros is the port and the main settlement where the Chapel of Timios Stavros with the impressive blue dome is located. The locals honor it with a big feast every year.
• On the top of a 70m hill you will find the twin churches of Panagia – Agios Ioannis, the two chapels that share the same bell.
• At the Archaeological Site of Vathi Limenari you will see the remains of a fortified settlement from the Geometric Period.
• The Cave of Tihos, on the northwest side of the island, is a unique experience because of its rich stalactites.
• Ask the locals about the «Donoussa cats project». The project sells handmade items, like bags, which are perfect souvenir ideas. They raise money for food and vet care for all the stray cats of the island.

The island is nude friendly and has some of the best nudism beaches in Greece. So free yourself from all conventions and book cheap ferry tickets to Donoussa with Let’s Ferry. Pick them up at home or at the port.

Sandy beach in Donoussa

Sandy beach in Donoussa

The top activities
Hiking (not on hot days!). The most popular route is from Stavros to the church Panagia – Agios Ioannis as it offers a stunning view to the nearby islands.
• Kedros, Livadi and the three beaches of Kalotaritissa (Mesa Ammos, Sapounohoma and Vlycho) will be your private paradise during early summer but you might share it with hundreds of people in an August music festival. Choose the right season for you!
Snorkelling at the tropical waters of Kedros Bay. A german ship from the Second World War lies in its sea bottom.
Diving at Fokospilia. Although its name in Greek means “the seal’s cave”, you will rarely spot any. But the area hosts rare species of flora and fauna like blooms and corals.

Donoussa island with sandy beaches

Crystal clear waters in Donoussa

Tip: Local buses can take you from the port to the villages and beaches during summer. You can also take a taxi to explore the island all year round. Hop to the nearby islands of Schinoussa, Iraklia and Naxos with cheap ferry tickets to and from Donoussa through Let’s Ferry.

Information about the port of Donoussa

Passenger routes connect Donoussa to Piraeus, most of the Cyclades and Astypalea.