Ferry tickets to Durres
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Durres, the glamorous Albania

The second biggest port of the neighboring country is a fast growing site with hotels and new investments flourishing everywhere. Explore the gem of the Adriatic Sea with cheap ferry tickets to Durres from Let’s Ferry.

The big city of Durres port

The big city of Durres port

Top attractions
Durres Castle: The fortified city was built during the Byzantine period and was reinforced by the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire.
Archaeological Museum: Located very close to the port, it includes a huge range of findings from the Roman era, the Byzantine era and the Ottoman Empire.
Castle of Kruje or Kruja: A very important gothic monument can be found an hour from the port. The National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu is here to honor the national hero of Albania (of the same name).

Top beaches
Durres beach is a sandy shoreline with 10 km length and plenty of water sports facilities.
Golem beach has turquoise waters, luxury resorts and palm trees. The distance from the port is 20 km.
• Very close from there you can enjoy a swim at Playa del Este Karpen, a glamorous area with 5-star hotels and restaurants. Access is made only by cars as there aren’t any bus routes to this beach.

Top activities
• Visit Tirana, the capital of Albania. You can easily get there by bus and the distance from the port is 40 km.
• Walk at the Grand Park of Tirana and visit the Zoo as well as the stunning artificial lake. Enjoy bike riding, jogging as well as outdoor gym facilities.
• The Lagoon of Patok is a protected area with hundreds of rare animals and birds’ species. It can be found 60 km away from the port.

Tip: You can reach Durres by car, taxi, bus, a boat from Italy or by plane. There are buses connecting the port with the airport. The Albanian people speak Greek and English. The official currency is the Lek.
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Information about the port of Durres

Durres is connected to Bari and the journey lasts 9 hours approximately. The facilities you will find at the port are ATM, gas station, car rentals, luggage storage services.

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