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Ferry tickets to Lesvos

Lesvos or Mytilene is Greece’s third-largest island and is larger than life. The island is rugged, forested, volcanic and 40% of its surface is covered by olive trees; 11 millions of them! The island is extensively covered by pines, oaks and chestnut trees. Half of the world’ ouzo and some of the finest soaps in the country are produced on the island.

Lesvos, the homeland of ouzo

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3 top experiences
The 3rd largest Greek island is magnificent, picturesque and famous for its local products, blue-flag awarded beaches and artists. With so many things to do here, you can easily get distracted, so plan ahead your visit.
A walk to the atmospheric Molyvos village. This panoramic settlement in the northern part of the island – also known in the ancient times as Mithimna –knows how to draw your attention with its cobblestone streets and its Byzantine Castle.
A visit to the famous Taxiarchis Monastery in Mantamados. The islanders worship Archangel Michael’s miraculous icon and love to share stories of his many wonders -and name their children after him.

The traditional village of Molyvos island

The traditional village of Molyvos island

An ouzo homage in Plomari. The homeland of Greece’s most famous beverage produces more than 40 different varieties of high-quality ouzo. Pair it with all kinds of meze including fresh fish and seafood.

Traditional ouzo in Lesvos

Traditional ouzo in Lesvos

3 top activities
Birdwatching black storks, pink flamingos and more than 130 different kinds of endemic and migratory birdlife.
Swimming to the chilling waters of Eressos, sandy Kalloni (where Lesvos’s delicious sardines come from) and water sports friendly Petra and Vatera.
Thermal spa in the natural hot spring watars of Polichnitos, Eftalou and Gera or Hammam baths in Mesagros.

Tips: Beaches and dishes for every taste, festivals and atmospheric villages! What else can you ask for? Well, there’s a bonus must-see place; The world’s second biggest petrified forest in Sigri is an Unesco protected natural monument that includes an extraordinary Natural History Museum.

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