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Igoumenitsa, at the fjords of Western Greece

Exotic beaches, undiscovered islets, historical sites, just a breath away from Italy and the Balkans. Explore the bustling city of Epirus with cheap ferry tickets to Igoumenitsa through Let’s Ferry.

Top attractions
• The Castle of Igoumenitsa. Located on a tree-covered hill, just above the port. The Venetians built it in the 15th.
Archaeological Museum. A modern building with exhibits from the wider Thesprotia area, it frequently hosts several regional cultural events.
Rena’s house. This “New Museum of Culture and Tradition” has some treasures saved up for its visitors, like local costumes and everyday objects from different time periods.
Venetian Castle of Parga. The idyllic seaside town of Parga is a 40-minute drive from Igoumenitsa. Walk at the white-washed alleys, feel the island aura and enjoy the view from the Castle.
Necromanteion of Acheron. A monument from the Hellenistic period which is believed to be the site where Ancient Greeks could communicate with the dead. The 45 km-distance from the port is worth the drive.

Top beaches

• A long coastline with crystal blue waters, 40 km away from the port.
Arillas in Perdika. Shallow waters, velvet sand, just 35 km away from Igoumenitsa.
Agia Paraskevi. A tropical scenery can be found in Sivota. Across the beach there is a small green island, which you can reach with a sea bike or simply by swimming.
Bella Vraka. Don’t miss this astonishing beach connecting Sivota with a small islet also accessible by foot.

Top activities

Rent a boat to explore and swim around the islets of Xeronisi, Agios Nikolaos, Mavro Oros, Small and Big Mourtemeno. Swim, dive and snorkel in the most transparent waters!
• Improve your canoe-kayak skills at Acheron River or simply enjoy a riverboat tour. If you are feeling bold enough, try to swim the cold waters of the river’s springs.
Fishing at Kalamas River, an impressive wetland, home to several rare bird species, protected by Natura 2000.

: You can reach the port by car or a KTEL bus. The distance from Athens is 470 km and the journey lasts five hours by car and six by bus. The distance from Thessaloniki is 323 km. The journey lasts three and a half hour by car and four hours by bus.
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Information about the port of Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa is connected to many ports of Greece’s islands and mainland, as well as of Europe. Travel to Corfu, Kefalonia, Paxi, Patra, Ancona, Venice, Bari and Brindisi. The facilities you will find at the port are free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, car rentals and free parking areas.