Ferry tickets to Kiel
Kiel is a city in Germany that is rich in canals, fjords, naval attractions and family activities.

Kiel, at the fjords of the Baltic Sea

It’s the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, a German state at the Baltic Sea coast. Water is the dominant element in the city that is rich in canals and fjords. The big natural port and the naval base along with a long sailing history, have established Kiel as an important naval force in Northern Germany. Kiel hosted the sailing games for the Olympics of 1972.
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Attractions in Kiel
• The Naval Memorial (Marine-Ehrenmal Laboe) can be seen from anywhere in Kiel as it is 72 metres tall. Its construction ended in 1936 and hosts a small museum. It’s dedicated to the victims of the two World Wars.
• The Naval Museum (Kieler Schifffahrtsmuseum Fischhalle & Museumsbrücke) is hosted in an amazing gothic building.
• The St. Nicholas church (Nikolaikirche) is the oldest building in Kiel. It’s situated next to the Alter Markt and it very often hosts classical music concerts.
• The Zoological Museum of Kiel (Zoologisches Museum Kiel) was founded in the 17th century. When your visit you will see, among other exhibits, skeletons from dinosaurs and whales.
• At Kiel’s Aquarium you can see fish from the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as many tropical kinds of fish.

The beautiful city of Kiel

The beautiful city of Kiel

Activities in Kiel

• Practice the trampoline at the Sprung Raum Trampolinpark Kiel, which is close to the port.
• Don’t miss the traditional specialty of Kiel, the Sprotte. It is a smoked fish so soft that you can eat it whole.
• Walk at the Kiellinie, a seafront avenue at the port with many restaurants and street food.
• Explore Hiroshimapark and Ratsdienergarten, two parks one next to the other. They have a duck pond, a playground and plenty of green areas where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll.
Kitesurf at the beach Leuchtturm Friedrichsort, in a short distance from the port.

Access to Kiel: You can reach the port by car, plane, ferry or bus. The railway station is 5 km from the port and there is a bus from the port to the station. Kiel’s airport is 10 km away while Hamburg’s airport is 90 km away.
Hamburg is 90 km away. Kiel to Hamburg is 1,5 hours by car, train or bus.
Berlin is 370 km away. Kiel to Berlin is 4,5 hours by car, 3,5 hours by train and 5 hours by bus.
Bremen is 200 km away. Kiel to Bremen is almost 2 hours by car or train and almost 3 hours by bus.

The port of Kiel

The port of Kiel

Only in Kiel
: Kiel Week (Kieler Wocheν) is the world’s biggest sailing event. This year it becomes 125 years old and it takes place every June, with millions of visitors. Some of the most spectacular shows are the one with the hot air balloons and a sea parade with pirate boats.

Information about the port of Kiel

The port is connected to Klaipeda in Lithuania. Ferries to Klaipeda leave from the Ostuferhafen terminal.
Facilities at the port of Kiel: Free Wi-Fi, waiting lounge, WC, restaurant, cafe, car rentals, access for the disabled, private parking.

Useful phones, Kiel
Port: +49 431 20976 480
Hospital: +494313880
Police: +4943198261870