Ferry tickets to Langnas
The port of Langnas is the second biggest of the Aland islands in Finland, with 3200 ferries coming in annually.

Langnas, the Finnish islands where they speak Swedish

Langnas is a quiet port of the Aland islands in Finland. The complex forms an archipelago on the Baltic Sea and its capital is Mariehamn. Langnas belongs to the municipality of Lumparland, the smallest of the Aland islands with just 374 inhabitants.
The spoken language on the islands is Swedish and only 5% of the population speaks Finnish. The port is the second biggest of the island complex with 3200 ferries coming in annually. For routes, timetables and ferry tickets to Langnas visit Let’s Ferry.

Attractions in Langnas
• The Lumparlands kapellkyrka is the church of Lumparland, a 5-minute drive away from the port. The wooden church was built on a green hill in 1720. At the entrance there is a small boat to bring luck to those travelling to the sea.
• A short distance from here, you can see the crater Lumparn which has been active of a thousand million years, making it one of the most important geological areas in the world.
Mariehamn is a famous tourist resort in the Baltic Sea, 30 km from the port. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants in the area.
• Here you will find the Ålands sjöfartsmuseum (Maritime Museum), with a rich collection and many interactive activities for children.

Beaches in Langnas
• The Lilla Holmen is on an islet known as the “children’s island”. It’s 29 km from the port and the coast is sandy, with crystal clear waters. At the beach there is a park where ducks, peacocks and rabbits walk freely among the visitors. There is also a beach volley court.
• The Nabben is famous for its warm and shallow waters. It’s unorganized and there aren’t any shops around.
• The Västervikens is very beautiful and looks like a lake. You’ll find a diving board and a swimming academy.

The warm, shallow waters of the Nabben are well-known

The warm, shallow waters of the Nabben are well-known

Activities in Langnas
• Explore nature around the port through the marked trails. Discover small villages and great landscapes by going hiking and cycling. If you are keen on fishing, you must first obtain a special license (which is easy to get online).
• The Nybonds farm in Krogstad is 4 km away from the port. A museum and a café are waiting for you to relax in its grounds, while during the summertime many festivals and seminars take place here.
• Finland is the ultimate destination for a sauna treatment. Visit the bathing cabins and the spa hotels in Mariehamn for unforgettable well-being experiences.

Access to Langnas: You can reach the port by ferry, bus, car or plane. Mariehamn’s airport is 30 km from the port.

Only in Langnas: Vickingabyn is the Viking’s village, 34 km away from the port. Every summer the Viking Days take place with concerts and workshops. See real Vikings, costumes and crafts and find out about the art of combat.
The Midsummer pole is a Swedish ritual celebrated on the Friday between the 19-25th July. People wear traditional costumes and adorn their heads with flowers. They dance around the Midsummer pole, a long pole symbolizing nature and fertility.

Information about the port of Langnas

The port is connected to Kapellskar, Stockholm and Turku. The official currency is euro.
Facilities at Langnas port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, elevator for the disabled, WC, public parking.

Useful phones, Langnas
Port: +358 18 34 900
Hospital: +358 18 16 511
Police: +358 18 52 7100