Ferry tickets to Mariehamn
Mariehamn connects the Aland islands, which consist of 6700 isles, with Finland.

Mariehamn, an autonomous capital in the Baltic Sea

It’s the capital of the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea, almost in the middle between Sweden and Finland. The port is busy throughout the year, since it connects the islands to Finland and to other nearby countries. It serves the locals, as well as tourists who flock the area during summertime.

The Aland islands count 6700 isles. Although it’s on Finnish territory, the complex is autonomous with its own flag, its own stamps, and even a separate web domain. People here mostly speak Swedish. If you want to find more about the Aland islands, book ferry tickets to Mariehamn through Let’s Ferry.

Attractions in Mariehamn
• The Ålands sjöfarts museum is the Maritime Museum, very close to the port. See interactive exhibition and rare objects.
• At the Ålands kulturhistoriska museum, you will find all about the Aland island’s history and culture that started 7500 years ago. It’s 2 km from the port.
• In the same building you can also visit the Åland Island Art Museum. You get to pay one ticket for both museums.

Beaches in Mariehamn
Nabben beach is 4 km from the port. In this area you will find the Mariehamn Wetland, a sandy beach with warm, shallow waters and a wooden, long dock, ideal for strolling.
• The Lila Holmen islet is connected to the city with a bridge. It’s one of the most popular beaches in the area with a bonus trait, a park where peacocks stroll around freely.
• For a local experience, visit the Badhuset Mariebad. It’s a swimming centre for the whole family, 4 km from the port. Some of its facilities except the swimming pool are water slides, a spa, a sauna, and a training pool.

Lila Holmen, one of the most popular beaches in the area, where peacocks stroll around

Lila Holmen has one of the most popular beaches in the area, and a park where peacocks stroll around

Activities in Mariehamn
Island hopping around the islands of the archipelago. Passengers who travel without a bike or car or any kind of vehicle, can use the ferries free of charge. There are four lines at Archipelago Ferries: The Northern Line, the Southern Line, the Transversal Line and the Foglo Line.
Discgolf, at the Mariehamn Disc Golf Park. If you don’t know what that is, now is your chance to discover this fun game which is something between frisbee and golf.
Safari, at the Karingsund Game Safari, in Eckero, 34 km west from the port. Get on the tram safari and get to see up-close animals like deer, lamas and ostriches.

Access to Mariehamn: You can reach the port by car, bus or ferry. Mariehamn’s airport is 6 km away.

Only in Mariehamn: Live an unforgettable experience by getting on a floating sauna! Rent a boat that has a sauna installed on its deck and spend a few hours sailing around the archipelago. Find the deal that suits you the most and choose to book a hotel room or a dinner arrangement on an island. You can even choose to spend the night on one of the floating sauna’s rooms.

Information about the port of Mariehamn

The port is connected to Helsinki, Kapellskar, Stockholm, Turku and Tallinn.
Facilities at Mariehamn port: Free Wi-Fi, ATM, taxi, cafe, snacks, waiting area, WC, defibrillator, WC for the disabled, luggage storage, car rentals, paid parking and currency exchange.

Useful Phones, Mariehamn
Port: +358 18 531 476
Hospital: +358 18 5355
Police: +358 18 52 7100

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