Ferry tickets to Methana
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Methana, a volcanic peninsula

The best way to start island hopping in the Argosaronic Gulf is to first enjoy a spa treatment at a laid-back city in Peloponnese. Embrace quality of life and book cheap ferry tickets to Methana through letsferry.com.

Top attractions

The Volcano. There are 30 craters in Methana, most of them located at a village named Kammeni Hora (aka Burned Land). Don’t worry… the last volcanic activity here took place in 1700.
Castle of Favieros. It is an historic monument built in 1826.
Acropolis of Oga. The remains of a Mycenaean acropolis can be seen on a hill in the Kipseli area.
Cave of Doves. It also known as the Cave of Methana, at the area of Steno. It has 3 chambers. The first one has a small lake while the other two have impressive stalagmites.
Ancient Acropolis. On your way to Palaiokastro, apart from the amazing view you will enjoy seeing the remains of the ancient city of Methana.

Top beaches

Agios Nikolaos: A beach with black volcanic pebbles at the bottom of the water.
Limnionas: Organised, with turquoise waters, surrounded by pine trees.
Coast Karastamati: Red sand and natural shade from the trees await at a beach close to the thermail baths of Loutropolis.
• Unspoilt, rocky beach, ideal for fishing.

Top activities

Thermal baths in Loutropoli, a developed tourist area. Thermal springs can be rejuvenating and heal skin diseases, arthritis and many more. Methana is growing into a well-being destination so you will find many spa centers to visit.
Hiking at the well-preserved trails towards the Volcano, which takes about an hour through pine forests. The volcanic activity created many trails in Methana which also can be traced by a specialised mobile application, Methana topoGuide.

: You can reach Methana by car and the distance is 160 km. If you choose to travel by KTEL bus, choose the one following the route from Athens to Galatas. Taking a boat is also an option from the port of Piraeus (the journey lasts 2 hours).
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Information about the port of Methana

The peninsula is connected to Aegina, Poros and Piraeus. The facilities you will find at the port of Methana are ATM, gas station, shops. There aren’t big parking areas, you can however find free parking spaces around the port.