Ferry tickets to Mykonos
Showing off its international star aura and unique architecture, Mykonos is a must-see destination all year round.

Mykonos, the Cycladic cosmopolitan

Showing off its international star aura and unique architecture, Mykonos is a must-see destination all year round.

Small Venice (Mikri Venetia) at night

Small Venice (Mikri Venetia) at night

Top Attractions

The Windmills, the so-called "guards" of Mykonos, an instagrammers’ favorite spot on the island.

The port of Mykonos

View of Mykonos Town

Little Venice or Alefkandra, the picturesque 18th century captain's houses where the waves splash over their wooden balconies overlooking the Aegean.
Matogiannia, a labyrinthine of celebrity-visited, red and blue windowed alleys. Lose yourself in them and be surprised by the hidden small squares full of churches like Agia Kyriaki.

Cobbled streets in Mykonos

View of white cobbled street in Mykonos

• The colorful Ano Mera. During Easter, follow Panagia Tourliani icon’s procession to Chora – such a true Myconian experience! And if some local treats you with lazarakia the traditional clove cookies made on Holy Saturday, make sure you try them. Believe us, you won’t regret it.

Top activities
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• Swim in the small quiet cove of Agios Sostis, or relax in one of Panormos beach bars where the view competes with the cocktails.
• Make the most out of the island’s strong winds. In Korfos, Ftelia and Megali Ammos beaches you can find schools that can teach you the fun of wind and kite surf!

Sandy beach in Mykonos

Sandy beach in Mykonos

• Visit the nearby Delos island, the holiest island of ancient Greece and discover its rich archaeological site.

Delos, the archaeological site

Archaeological finds on the island of Delos

: If you visit Mykonos during Christmas, you will be served not only with the best pastries but also pork lard, greens, baked meat, onion pie and gingerbread. On New Year's Eve, join the karava,the group of locals holding lanterns and chanting Delian carols.
Add a journey full of extraordinary experiences in your bucket list!

Traditional dish in Mykonos

Traditional dish in Mykonos

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Information about the port of Mykonos

Daily routes connect Mykonos with Rafina via Tinos and Andros and with Piraeus via Tinos and Syros. There is regular connections to Santorini, Thessaloniki and Crete and also to Samos and Ikaria.